Sophie King

Dear friend/reader,

I often pray for you when I’m writing. I pray that the eyes that read these words will find a deep joy, a healing, and comfort through whatever I write. I am thankful for you, and also feel a sense of friendship through the interaction and conversations many of us have had or will have. Your story matters.
There have been seasons where I saw nothing but darkness and wondered why or how I’d ever get through some times, but what I’ve seen now is that Christ has used what I viewed as broken or ugly to create encouragement for someone who finds themselves in a place where they’re seeking hope and light. 

If you’re going through or have been through a season of drought emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, then you may know or see how that has shaped you. I’ve been shaped by those times and now can solidly say my seasons of drought have been the most “soaked in wisdom” I’ve experienced since my story began. I know that God brings beauty from ashes. 

I pray that what you’ll find encouragement through my scribbles, tears, laughter, mess, and hope. 

Thanks for reading! 



The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
 He makes me lie down in green pastures.


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