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When you have dated for 6 years you have to come up with some fun date nights that are beyond just your usual “movie date.” Here are some fun times that Luke and I would recommend for all ages! Including some date ideas from my sisters, and friends Ashley and Mike! Some of them we have personally done and some we just made up and would like to go on them ourselves! If you do go on any of these dates, hashtag #taydates! I would love to see how you get creative with this!

1. Painting/Crafts: At first Luke wasn’t sure how he felt about the idea. But then we grew to love doing anything DIY. For six years we have loved making things together, like painting pottery! We have matching coin jars that we made that are aesthetically pleasing and match our personalities. We have made cool yarn wall art that I have used to decorate my room, and will make for future home! WE also love finding old furniture that people are throwing away or selling and painting it to make it brand new- for example a cute rocking chair that I sit and write in (I am excited to put this into a future nursery when Luke and I have babies!) Anyways- this is SO fun and helps you both sit down and just create, it usually brings out our best conversations too! #taydates

2. Jump house: So, my Luke loves going to trampoline parks or houses or whatever they are called. I am not the biggest fan but I LOVE watching him do all his tricks and he has so much fun and it’s hilarious watching him. This is definitely worth trying at least once! Now I tell him to go with the boys-HA shout out to Andrew Fuller and Sam Clark. #taydates

3. Rollerblading or Iceskating: Okay- this is another one that I don’t love but Luke does. Luke loves it so much that he said he hopes wherever we go on our honeymoon will have a rollerblading park…(no thank you). But we make it a goal to be sure that both of us get to do things we love, and we love that the other is getting to enjoy what they like! #taydates

4. Go see animals: Luke and I LOVE animals and we would go to the humane society and this local puppy house where people would be able to hold puppies that were up for adoption. It’s like therapy! #taydates

5. Culture Night: Watch a movie like A Hundred Foot Journey, or Letters to Juliette and make a meal that is inspiration from the movie! So it could be an Italian dinner for Letters to Juliette or Indian dinner after watching A Hundred Foot Journey. It’s so fun cause it gives your date a theme! You could watch Mulan and order Chinese food. You could watch the movie Coco and eat Mexican food! Sounds funny, but its so fun because you can go all out! #taydates

6. “Incognito Date”: This one is a feel good date and makes it so much fun with your significant other. This is where you spend the day giving back to your community. Go to a drive thru line and pay for the meal of the person who is next in line. Go to that cute elderly lady’s home and drop off a beautiful pot of flowers on her door step. Leave sweet notes of encouragement for people to see as they’re walking through the city. Get creative with it! It feels so good to be able to serve people and its so funny and fun trying to do things without people knowing…makes your heart beat faster and grow! #taydates

7. Go back in time: Choose a time that you would like to back in time to experience the culture, the food, or the fashion! Maybe you want to experience the 80s, so make a playlist of 80s hits, and put on an 80s movie. Don’t forget to tease your hair ladies…haha! Or you could make this a day where you go around your town and figure out the history of it all, and ask questions of those who may have more knowledge about it! Your town or city that you live in may be more interesting than you realize! #taydates

8. Flower Farm: Luke and I LOVE going to flower farms or the local green house. This is so fun because you get to see so many colors and smell the flowers. I love leaving with a little plant that is like $3.99 and then it’s a fun test to see how long it lives! HA #taydates


9. Bucket List: Post a photo of the two of you on social media and ask people to help you form a bucket list for your local area! This is so fun, you get to hear what other people love to do around your area. Whether that means local mountains to hike, or a super cool coffee shop you’ve never been to, or maybe a drive thru safari. #taydates

10. Walk down memory lane together: This date is so sweet and can bring all the sentimental feelings! Maybe you had a date spot you used to go to back when you guys dated in high school? OR maybe it’s his/her first time visiting your hometown and you want to take her/him to all the fun spots you had with your family and friends. Then make new memories together to add to that memory lane! Luke and I have spots where we first kissed, where we first met, where we first said I love you, and more! #taydates

11. Picnic: Find a pretty location where you can bring a picnic and have fun laughing together. Luke and I would bring chick-fil-a or chipotle sometimes when we chose last minute to go on a picnic. We always have a fun Mexican blanket in the trunk for impromptu eno or picnic dates! #taydates

12. Dance lessons: Maybe this sounds intimidating to you, but it can be so fun looking up Youtube lessons and learning how to ballroom dance, hip hop, or more! Our good friends Ashley and Mike Schoka loved doing this and they practiced for their first dance at their wedding! Funny story: one time Luke and I went salsa dancing and had lessons…I forgot to shave my armpits so I had to figure out a way to dance with my arms down the whole night… #taydates


13. Nature walk: This one is more for the days where you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Take journals and pens and write down everything you see in front of you. This helps ground you and remembering where you are and how peaceful it is! #taydates

14. Budget Date: Create a budget and both go into a store and buy a gift for one another. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be $10-$20. Reveal it to each other after you buy it! #taydates

15. Outfit Pick: Pick out an outfit for the other before the date night. Pick out what you love! It not only shows your significant other you love that shirt, or dress on them, but it also is super interesting and sweet. #taydates

16. Seasonal Date: Apple picking, berry picking, pumpkin patch: Anything that welcomes a new season is super fun! Make this a fun photo shoot! The colors are so beautiful and some of our favorites when we look back on fun pictures. #taydates

17. Celebrity Date: Dress up like your favorite celebrity couple and go out to a fancy date night. OR Throw a party and dress up as celebrities. This is so funny and you get a chance to dress up like celebrity couples. Dress up like Selena and Justin, Kim and Kanye, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Zayn and Gigi, Beyonce and Jay Z! Any of your favorite celebrity couples! Luke is not into this normally but he thought it was so funny seeing everyone else and people cracking up at our costumes. #taydates



18. Water fight: It’s so fun to fill water balloons up and go wild! Get water guns and maybe invite friends to form teams. Or- there are also paint guns and throwable paint balls at Michaels that they sell. #taydates

19. Music Video: Try to make a music video together to one of your favorite songs. Get creative with this! Create a dance and scenes that match what the song is saying! #taydates

20. Youtube Challenges: Do Youtube challenges like, yoga poses together, have him do your makeup, buy your dream kids toy and try it out like Moon Shoes or Heely’s! Get creative with this, it can be SO funny. #taydates


Food Trail: Go to mom and pop shops together around your town. This means go to the food places that are not chains, and make a list of your top favorite food places to share with your friends! This is super fun to do with your significant other, and your friends will benefit from it to! #TayDates


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  1. I love this list! All of these sound so fun and I can’t wait to try them. I especially loved y’all’s wall hangings and the FIDDLE LEAF FIG TREE!!

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