30 Questions to Spark Conversation

Luke and I used to play the question game to get to know each other. You know where you ask a question and then the other person answers the question but then has to ask one in return? This was always so fun. I feel like we would get really creative with our questions and ask each other questions that would always give insight to what the person loved or disliked. The question game would also bring out the person’s personality and show character, and also interests. Ever since I was little my dad has asked us questions while we wait for our food at a restaurant…questions like, “Okay guys… If you could live in ________ or _______ which one would you choose?” Or questions that included historic characters that represented a certain interest to gage what we were interested in. There are a couple questions below like that!
So, I thought that coming up with a list of questions would be super fun for everyone to pull up while everyone is around the table, or getting to know a significant other, or trying to pass time during a road trip.

30 Questions to Spark Conversation

1. What is your dream home? Explain exterior and interior. 

2. Would you ever move outside of the country you live in?

3. What makes you cry or feel emotional? (Sentimental/ Compassion, Sad/Happy)

4. What makes you laugh really hard?

5. Would you rather have a set bed time every night that you had to follow or a set alarm that you can never change for waking up? (In other words are you late night person or early morning 😂)

6. If all comforts were taken from you, what comfort would you want back? Interpret this the way you think. 

7. If you lost every material item except for the clothes on your body, what is the one thing you would want back?

8. If you were head over heels in love and got married would you quit your job and move to wherever your significant other was living/ working? 

9. Which one do you seek more of, love or respect?

10. What makes you feel misunderstood?

11. What helps you feel understood?

12. If you had the opportunity to own a vacation home in Iceland or Fiji which one would you choose, and why? 

13. If you had to give up coffee, sugar, or meat which one would you choose, and why?

14. What is something that makes you proud of how you’ve grown or something you’ve accomplished? 

15. If somebody gave you a present you didn’t want would you return it, regift it, or keep it?

16. If you won 10 million dollars how would you spend it?

17. If you were forced to perform in a talent show what would you do?

18. If someone put on something and said “I’m gonna buy this…” but you know it doesn’t look good would you tell them or let them buy it?

19. If someone has something in their teeth or in their nose, do you tell them or let it be? & if you have something in your teeth or nose do you prefer someone tells you or not?

20. What would be the first thing you do if you woke up invisible?

21. If you accidentally shaved a patch in your head, do you wear a hat or shave your whole head?

22. If you opened a door and it went to a mythical/story land which would you walk through? Narnia, Dragon Tails, Hogwarts, Land of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Genovia, Hundred Acre Woods

23. If you could fly an airplane and all expenses were paid, where in the world would you go?

24. If you could have a lunch with Beethoven (music), Shakespeare (writing) or Da Vinci (Art) who would you eat with?

25. If you could sit in on one moment of history what would it be?

26. If you could choose a super power what would it be?

27. Okay now you’re going to dinner, who do you go with? Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, or Henry Ford? 

28. If you could be a creature would you rather be a dolphin, a bird, or a horse?

29. Cheetos, Doritos, or Tostitos?

30. When you are old would you rather be known for being funny, smart, or physically fit?

BONUS Questions:

•Would you rather be a great author, business person, or politician? 

•Would you rather be a spy and no one ever knows or be a celebrity where you never have a moment alone?

Comment below a couple of your answers or the question you love the most! I love hearing from you! 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Tay Ruth

* all photos taken by Eliza Niforatos

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