55 Journal Prompts

Luke gave me a journal for my 17th birthday and wrote 17 pages (front and back, so actually 34 pages) of encouraging words, verses, quotes and love letters.

I have held onto those words he wrote from then. Before he knew where we would be today he wrote those words that I have continually flipped through during my days of confusion, pain, excitement and more.

We began to exchange this journal throughout our days of dating and I can say that you see the growth from our relationship and growth independently as people. It’s something I will always treasure and show our kids one day.

I have enjoyed writing since I was little and getting new journals, so this gift has been one of my greatest treasures.

But all of that to say, I really love journaling. Journaling about my memories, happy days, prayers, questions, pains, doodles, and just fun creative writing!

I wanted to create a blog that would spark creativity for you! Whether you journal already or you’ve never journaled in your life, I came up with fun questions that would help create a time capsule for your future when you look back on it.

Then, I took it to Instagram and asked you all to help me create this list! So if you sent one in, THANK YOU!

Grab your fun colorful pens and journal and get ready to answer these fun questions in unique ways. I imagine this being super fun to find on your shelf in 10 years!

  1. What is your full name? Why did your parents name you this?
  2. How old are you? What would be your greatest piece of advice from the wisdom you’ve acquired up til now?
  3. Say that you were going to meet someone and you could only describe yourself based on your personality for them to be able to find you in the crowded room, how would you describe yourself?
  4. How would you describe your favorite person on this earth?
  5. What do you want your family to look like in the future?
  6. What steps are you taking to bring to fruition your vision of your future family?
  7. What kind of person do you want to be to those around you? Why?
  8. Who inspires you the most and why?
  9. What is your favorite characteristic about yourself and why?
  10. What are you passionate about in life? Why?
  11. What makes you cry happy tears and sad tears?
  12. What’s your dream job? Where would the location of your job be? What impact would you have with this job?
  13. What does your dream home look like? Dream exterior? Dream kitchen? Dream interior?
  14. What would be your dream vacation? What type of food? What scenery? What activities would you do?
  15. How has God shown you His creativity this week?
  16. How have you been creative this week?
  17. What makes you feel most alive?
  18. What’s your favorite gift you’ve ever received? What’s your favorite gift you’ve ever given to someone else?
  19. What is currently making you excited in life? What are you looking forward to?
  20. What are your highs and lows of this week?
  21. What are your favorite songs to listen to right now?
  22. What qualities are most important to you in a person?
  23. What is your favorite movie and why?
  24. Is change easy or hard for you? Why?
  25. What do you want more of? What do you want less of? (Your own interpretation of this)
  26. Right now, what do you see around you? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you feel? How about taste?
  27. What is your favorite book and why? (Aside from Bible)
  28. Who do you relate to most in the Bible and why?
  29. What ways are you creative?
  30. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  31. What is your favorite season and why?
  32. What do you do with your time? What would you like to change about it?
  33. One thing I’ll never regret is…. because….
  34. What is something that someone told you that you will always remember? Is it worth remembering?
  35. If you had one million dollars and could not save any of it, how would you spend it?
  36. What makes your home your home?
  37. Where do you go for comfort? Why?
  38. What is something you genuinely enjoy doing?
  39. What has God been teaching you this past month?
  40. What is your best campfire memory?
  41. What is your best lakeside memory?
  42. What is your favorite dessert right now in your life?
  43. If you could meet 3 people from the Bible (other than Jesus) who would they be?
  44. What is your favorite flower or plant?
  45. If you had to get rid of every material thing you own, outside of the clothing on your body right now, but could only keep one thing, what would it be?
  46. What is your favorite social media and why? What is your least favorite social media and why?
  47. What makes you angry? Why?
  48. What makes you laugh hysterically?
  49. Who are you closest friends right now?
  50. How do you build up those around you?
  51. Draw what you see in front of you.
  52. Describe your family dynamic, what positive things can you take away? What is something you will change for your future family?
  53. What is something you enjoy learning about?
  54. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done in a social situation?
  55. What has been your greatest adventure in life thus far? What great adventure do you want to go on in the future?

BONUS: Write a letter to Jesus with everything you’re thankful for and date your letter.

55 journal prompts + Bonus! Wow!! Let me know if you enjoyed these. There are many more that can be made if this is something that you find interesting.

Also, if you’re looking for a fun gift to give a friend, journals are always good gifts…at least for me! Thanks for the help to those who sent in questions, and I hope this sparks some creativity in your journaling time. Also, these are great questions to ask during road trips.

Thank you for reading,

Tay Ruth

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  1. Lindsay Kate says:

    Wow, that was so good! Those were really good question that really make you think! ❤️

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