Dear friend/reader,

I often pray for you when I’m writing. I pray that the eyes that read these words will find a deep joy, a healing, and comfort through whatever I write. I am thankful for you, and also feel a sense of friendship through the interaction and conversations many of us have had or will have. Your story matters.
There have been seasons where I saw nothing but darkness and wondered why or how I’d ever get through some times, but what I’ve seen now is that Christ has used what I viewed as broken or ugly to create encouragement for someone who finds themselves in a place where they’re seeking hope and light. 

If you’re going through or have been through a season of drought emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, then you may know or see how that has shaped you. I’ve been shaped by those times and now can solidly say my seasons of drought have been the most “soaked in wisdom” I’ve experienced since my story began. I know that God brings beauty from ashes. 

I pray that what you’ll find encouragement through my scribbles, tears, laughter, mess, and hope. 

Thanks for reading! 



hey friend!

I'm Taylor..

but my friends call me tay (and you can, too).

Here you will find the "scrapbook" version of my life. Kind of like my scribbles, thoughts, doodles, highlights, and struggles. I have a ton of different interests and you will see that all collected here. Anything from natural beauty, humor, faith, relationships, style, and much more...


I am the middle child of three sisters, and have two loving parents. I grew up as a pastor's daughter.
I am married to my High School Sweet Heart, Luke Welgoss. He's my biggest fan, and quickest person to remind me who I'm doing this all for. I'm super thankful to love him and to be loved by him!

Here are some fun facts about me:
I have naturally curly hair which can be WILD at times. I love coffee! I finally mastered making a leaf in my coffee with my mom’s espresso machine. I have been gluten free for almost 4 years now because of an intolerance, but I still crave donuts every day… I love Dippin Dots with my whole heart, specifically the cotton candy flavor. When I say I love them with my whole heart… I mean I LOVE them with my WHOLE heart.
I graduated from Liberty University. My degree is in Strategic Communications, which is public relations, event planning, marketing, and social media (pretty much sums it up).
I love doing my makeup and sharing about tips and tricks for all things beauty.

I have a heart for people and compassion, that leads me to feeling other's pain. I feel called towards those who suffer. I find it so unique that Jesus would be the one we look to for comfort, because He suffered and He get's it more than anyone. Here you will find anything from blogs about relationships, faith, suffering/chronic pain, mental health, and beauty products I have been loving.
My goal through my writing is to be raw, real, vulnerable, and encouraging.
I pray that this blog encourages you!

Thank you for reading,
Tay Ruth

my story

I keep my eyes

 always on the 

Lord.. With him at my 

right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8

for everything


sad & happy tears

because God is good

Roy G. Biv
(my cat)

when something’s happy

to say I love you


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my most used emojis

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My Family

artistic, sarcastic & goofy, my partner in crime & the one I’m a lot a like but also so different from, she’s smart and loves Jane Austen (syd’s vocabulary is insane with her deep writing as i also love writing but stick to elementary vocab since that’s where I capped out)

sarcastic, witty, collector of memorabilia, lover of history, husband, father, pastor, friend and lover of disney, loves being by the beach (California boy)

goofy, bold, loves to laugh hard, can’t bake things cute (that’s where I get it), loves shopping online (also where I get that), speaks in funny voices (also where I get that), grew up in Hawaii and California 

witty, hilarious, oldest sister, leader, her name means “ruler of the elf people” so she’s Santa Claus, great and creating beautiful things, & a great planner

my highschool sweetheart, looks good in baseball uniform, can be the most stylish human or wearing scrubs 24/7 looking like a mix of jimmy neutron & Harry Potter (his words not mine), insanely smart, dream job is to be a CRNA, my balanced well thought out human. He’s servant hearted, compassionate and would literally give you the shirt off his back

my wonderful Scottish fold, who has many nicknames “Roy Boy,” “Roy Boy Joy,” “Roy Joy,” “mr.beef and cheese,” “mr. bag of bones,” slip and slider” because he sits like a burger, doesn’t mind sleeping and slipping off beds or laps and remaining asleep once he hits the ground 





me, tay!


roy G. biv


I love making espresso & ice coffee with my breville. I often imagine sitting down with a friend over one of these cups of coffee & chatting...which inspires my style of writing & even talking on instagram.


My love for rainbows started with my parents singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" to get me to sleep, but became significant through my suffering, and then became symbolic when luke proposed and there was a double rainbow above the barn


I love flowers so much and getting different ones from trader joe's and making my own bouquet or even going outside in our garden and cutting different plants to make my own floral center piece

funny memes

my best friends mary kate & kelly, & I have a group chat where we just send each other hilarious's one of my absolute favorite things.


I love any form of water. Rivers, lakes, creeks, oceans, berkey water, sparkling water, I love it.


I love giving and making gifts for people. it's one of my love languages! That- and quality time!


as you can imagine... I love scrapbooking, ripping/taping, writing, creating, tear stained, and ink spilled pages. That makes me happy.

roy g. biv

our hilarious scottish fold cat who has quite the personality. He sit like a burger & is unlike any cat you've probably met.

We met when I was 13 and Luke was 14. I had seen his photo on Facebook in 8th grade and told my friend Katherine that I was going to marry him one day. Then I saw him at his school play because I went to see my friend, Ashley, act. Then I ended up going to the same school once we got to high school. We both became best friends and talked about each other’s crushes to each other (low key weird, also funny) 😂

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In 2012 we started to like each other and then talked for probably 6 months (talking in high school is kind of confusing...cause it’s like you’re not mature and weird and we both cringe looking/thinking back on it LOL). Then June 5, 2012 came when we kissed 🤭 And then June 7th is when we had a conversation with my parents and started officially dating

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We graduated high school and moved to Lynchburg Virginia and started university together 

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we got into an accident that changed our lives. Luke actually says the accident was what solidified in his heart he never wanted to be a part from me when we experienced a traumatic accident together. That began a long road of recovery and suffering and shifted our relationship from a goofy, light hearted relationship to a relationship with deep compassion, desire to seek God, and serving one another.

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We were one week away from graduating from University & Luke proposed to me at our friends beautiful barn. But the best part was that there was a double rainbow that landed on the barn. And if you haven’t heard part of my testimony, I encourage you to read “How He Asked” to see the significance in my life with rainbows. 

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in April of 2019 we got married and the day was the sweetest and most significant day of our life so far, marked by joy, growth, tears, ponies, dancing, cake and so much Jesus.

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The end of a legal battle from the accident that changed our life. One year of marriage and so many tears of pain, joy, confusion, growth and more. Luke’s been in nursing school as I work and create. It’s been a fun and interesting season that one day I will miss! 

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“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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John 8:32