Hi! My name is Tay Ruth. I am the middle child of three sisters, and have two loving parents. I grew up as a pastor’s daughter.

I am married to my High School Sweet Heart, Luke Welgoss. He’s my biggest fan, and quickest person to remind me who I’m doing this all for. I’m super thankful to love him and to be loved by him!

Here are some fun facts about me:

I have naturally curly hair which can be WILD at times. I love coffee! I finally mastered making a leaf in my coffee with my mom’s espresso machine. I have been gluten free for almost 4 years now because of an intolerance, but I still crave donuts every day… I love Dippin Dots with my whole heart, specifically the cotton candy flavor. When I say I love them with my whole heart… I mean I LOVE them with my WHOLE heart.

I graduated from Liberty University. My degree is in Strategic Communications, which is public relations, event planning, marketing, and social media (pretty much sums it up).

I love doing my makeup and sharing about tips and tricks for all things beauty.

I have a heart for people and compassion, that leads me to feeling other’s pain. I feel called towards those who suffer. I find it so unique that Jesus would be the one we look to for comfort, because He suffered and He get’s it more than anyone.

Here you will find anything from blogs about relationships, faith, and beauty products I have been loving.

My goal through my writing is to be raw, real, vulnerable, and encouraging.

I pray that this blog encourages you!

Thank you for reading,

Tay Ruth