Hi! I have used essential oils for a couple years now and have seen them be so helpful. I use them for headaches, tummy aches, emotional support, cleaning, diffusing and more.

Before I started using oils I thought it was fake. I didn’t understand how an oil could work. I thought that it was just like rubbing good-smelling water on you, like a placebo. But what I have found is that it has brought me so much peace knowing that peppermint can help my tummy or take away my pain from headaches! Another oil I love is lavender because it has helped me sleep.

Once I started seeing results, I knew that I would be using them all the time.

I started taking them with me wherever I went. My family even started asking, “Hey Tay, my stomach hurts…Do you have peppermint?” And you bet I did! When my dad was overwhelmed and stressed while he was working, I would drop a couple of oils in his hands. He would rub them together and take a deep breath. He said that it helped him relax so much and he’s not the type to just say things without meaning it.

Now my husband is studying to be a nurse and many of his family members are in the medical field. I was nervous that Luke would think I’m just being “granola” or think it was all a hoax. It wasn’t until he saw how much oils were really helping me that he realized, this stuff really does help and work! So for his birthday I made him a “study” roller. He loves it so much and calls himself, “an oils guy.” He even says that his cologne gives him a headache now, so he prefers his oil roller.

During the years of using essential oils, we have seen them impact our friends’ and family’s lives in multiple ways. After talking with the people closest to me, I believe it makes sense for me to share more about them with you.

When you purchase oils, there is absolutely no requirement to sell them or to continue purchasing if you don’t find them to work for you...but I guarantee that you will fall in love. If Luke loves them, I feel like you will too! Haha! I share more about my love and experiences with essential oils, along with fun things like gluten free recipes, home decor, books (and more) on my other instagram page @tayruthwel

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