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Welcome back to school! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really do miss it! There’s something fun about having all your favorites in one place. And I kinda miss living the life in organized semesters, where you have your goals set and you work towards those glorious holiday breaks! Haha!

So I had you guys send in some questions that you had in regards to going back to school.

Q1. How do you manage time with new friends, homework, laundry, etc?

A1. Haha- if my roommates read this they’ll know I was not the best when it came to doing my laundry because I’d wait til the last pair of underwear. And then have LOADS of laundry to do. I honestly admired one of my roommates and her laundry skills. She did mini loads almost every other day. Her clothes were always clean and put away. I would say maybe the best way would choose to do your laundry on a specific day and call it “laundry day.” When it comes to homework it really is rewarding when you set goals for yourself and reward yourself when you finish different segments. Also having a spot where you do homework that helps you stay focused is important. For me, I had to be in a place that sparked creativity since my homework was often art projects. If I was in my bedroom all day, even simply opening the window, turning on my essential oil diffuser, and making coffee could help set the tone for work! It really is all about balance, finding your groove is important.

Q2. How in the world do you have a social life while still taking academics seriously? I find myself sacrificing my academics for my friends.

A2. Balance! You’re paying money for an education (or if you have scholarships it’s important to remember that your academics truly is a gift). Being able to set time every day to work towards your goals for that day is important, while still having something to look forward to each day, or each week. Sometimes combining the two is also great. Getting coffee with a friend? Ask if you could both do homework together, and make sure you both keep each other accountable on actually getting work done.

Q3. How do you keep track of everything? There’s so many dates to keep track of and homework!

A3. Get a cute agenda, they have such cute ones at Anthropologie, that I will link here.😍 Or be creative and start a bullet journal! & use your phone calendar to set reminders! Seriously so helpful. Make sure that you stay organized so that you don’t miss anything. It’s also helpful if your school uses blackboard to see all your homework for the different dates.

Q4.  How do you handle boy drama in high school?

A4. Ah- the drama. Luke and I had our fair share of girl and boy drama in high school haha! Honestly, it’s always best to remain kind no matter what. Also it’s helpful to not gossip even though that’s so tempting. And communicate well! If you don’t feel comfortable with something, speak your mind! Be confident in who you are and speak sweetly, knowing that others go through their own struggles every day. I think once you’re out of high school you look back and you’re like, “ha! Why did we treat each other like that!!?? I’m embarrassed!” So it’s best to just think, “how would I want to be treated?” And treat people kindly.

Q5. How do you keep time for yourself and Jesus when there’s so much happening?

A5. If you’re not taking care of yourself and spending time with Jesus, there will be chaos in your life. Jesus has a way of setting everything into perspective, resting our mind, and giving us peace. Always prioritize your time with Jesus more than you may prioritize your friendships.

Q6. How do you make money while in school when you can’t work a job?

A6. Get creative! If you have something that you can make & sell, try that! If you can sew, Offer your skills to those on your hall. Some guys and girls hate doing their laundry, Offer to do people’s laundry for a certain amount. Create a for sale page on Instagram or Facebook, or Poshmark and sell clothes you don’t wear anymore. There are lots of options! Just get creative!

Q7. What do you think is essential for taking care of yourself during college?

A7. Ask yourself what your priorities are and come up with a plan on how you can successfully complete those each day. When you do this, make sure that it’s a goal that is reachable. It’s important to drink water, eat healthy, get rest, and reward yourself with coffee, or a fun activity!

Q8. What kind of backpack, water bottle, coffee thermos, and essential oils are your favorites?

A8. I used a pink Herschel backpack for 2-3 years and loved it because it was light weight!

I don’t personally own this yet, but have used a friends and want to get one, but I loved the white wide mouth Hydro Flask! I have also heard that there are cheaper ones (from Walmart & Target) that are similar but I haven’t tried those. I have a swell coffee thermos and like it! I know my friends love their yetis! My favorite go-to oils are lavender, peppermint, orange, lemon, and frankincense!

Q9. How can I be a good roommate?

A9. Be attentive to who they are and what they love. If they appreciate cleanliness, do your best to keep your area clean! If they love words of affirmation, leave them kind notes. If they value sleep, consider doing your homework in your friends dorm, or in a spot that can give them a quiet room to sleep. Just be thoughtful and loving. 😊 Also patience is important because we are used to being set in our ways, so it can be different to live with people who we didn’t grow up with.

Q10. Study tips?

A10. Haha I feel like we all have our different ways. For me, it’s always helpful to write outlines when I read. When I write outlines for some reason I comprehend everything more. And also, reading out loud and coming up with funny ways to memorize the information gave me something to attach to each subject, if that makes sense! But honestly- my major was much more public speaking and we rarely took exams! So I didn’t have to “study” as much as I had to prepare projects and power points.

Q11. How can you be intentional with your friendships?

A11. Remember that whenever you are in a new class or situation and you feel anxious or hesitant, odds are someone else feels that too! Look around and find someone who is sitting alone, or naturally makes eye contact with you. Get to know people by asking them about themselves, people love when they see there is effort being made to know them! Some of my greatest friends came from classes and turning to them and just asking them who they were! Be intentional by asking them out to coffee or lunch. Invite them into your dorm or home. Also consider starting a Bible study at your dorm or home and inviting people and telling them to invite others too! If leading a Bible study intimidates you, then consider movie nights, a book club, game night, etc! So fun!

Q12. What do you think is important to tell college students that people don’t often say?

A12. Stay connected to your loved ones back home. Although yes, stay focused and also in touch with those in front of you, remember that those back home are the ones you most likely will be going back to after college is over. I have talked to several friends who said they wished they had remained connected with their family and friends back home because once college was over, they realized their relationships were stunted back to high school days. Invest in your relationships back home and at college. Just a simple thing that I think is valuable to remember.

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