Come as You are

Hi! So it’s been a little while since I posted a blog. I took a bit of a break just to recharge and gain inspiration and also refocus. My blog and everything is growing and I want it to be quality. This April will make it a  full year of blogging which is crazy that it has been a year already. I have SO enjoyed this and I am honestly so sentimental with how there has been a community that has built on tayruth.com.

I love writing about God and things I am learning and sharing that with you all. I also have so loved sharing my passion with all things beauty and I’m excited to share more about that, as well as sharing more about my life updates with wedding planning and building a life with Luke.

Yesterday I went with my sister and soon to be mother in law to our wedding venue. After that Aubrie and I did a photo shoot and it was great because we got to spend time together and it was refreshing. Wedding planning is crazy and overwhelming and I am just trying to breathe and remember all the goodness to come. I definitely have to remind myself / listen to other’s when they remind me to breathe. We are one month away and things are getting so real and all the details are starting to come together.

God has been teaching me a lot during this season of my life. One thing that I have just held close to my heart is, “Come as You are.” And after hearing and clinging to that also trusting Him and saying to Him, “Have Your Way.” I am learning to trust more and to let God do what only He can do. I am also learning that He isn’t asking me to come to Him when I feel I’m presentable, or to come to Him after I’ve figured things out. He’s reminding me to come as I am. To lay it all down at His feet, anytime, anywhere, just as I am. So if you have been feeling far from Him, frustrated or even like you’re just trying to figure “stuff” out… don’t hesitate to invite God into that. Just be real. Adam and Eve already taught us what it’s like when you try to cover your naked self with leaves… when God already knows exactly who you are and where your heart is at, He is asking us to come exactly as we are. Thank you for reading, and I am so excited to continue this blog and talk more about my passions with you all! This has been one of the greatest blessings to be able to encourage one another, come together and seek Joy.

Thanks for reading,
Tay Ruth

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