Deceived, No More.

What does it mean to be faithful?

What does it mean to be obedient?

What does it mean to be consistent?

These are questions I have been asking lately. Pretty much everything I am learning lately is that
God is good, even when I’m not.

I have struggled a lot, in the past, when it comes to reading scripture consistently. I would get so discouraged. Sometimes blaming it on “not having enough time.” And sometimes just feeling uninterested in what I was reading.

When I was little our class was separated into different reading groups. I remember that I wanted to be in the advanced reading group. But I wasn’t. So then I questioned whether I was a “bad” reader. Seriously!! The reading groups were named after dinosaurs. The T-REX group is where the advanced readers were placed.  We were 6 years old. I remember a kid saying to me, “Ha! You aren’t in the T-REX group because you read slower.” Those words planted a seed in my brain that grew into a very large deeply rooted weed (lie).

This weed that continued to grow in my mind grew significantly in high school.

The lie made me feel discouraged when it came to writing, reading, and reflected in my motivation.

I would compare myself to my older sister. She was able to read massive books in just a few days. I remember seeing her finish books like it was nothing and thinking, “What?! Am I super challenged?! Why can’t I do that?”

The weed grew tall and large to the point where it was taking up valuable space.
Lies escalated into what I believed to be reality.

When I say it escalated, I mean it. Because then the lie that I couldn’t “read,” reflected into me not wanting to read the Bible. If I’m not a good reader, how will I comprehend scriptures?

God has taught me a lot about faithfulness by pushing past these lies and just DOING what I have believed I was “incapable of doing.” I thought because I’m a “bad reader” I could never be consistent or comprehend large amounts of scripture at a time. LIES!!!

It wasn’t until recently that I tended to the garden within my mind and pulled out this large weed that was taking up so much space.

Then once that weed (lie) was gone…I realized, “wait, I can TOTALLY do this and I’m absorbing it.”
But once the lie was exposed, my mind started being filled with excuses.

I got past the lies of “I can’t do this,” but then my thoughts turned into excuses, “I don’t want to do this.”

What I am learning from God right now:

Choose obedience over fear of failure.

Faithfulness over performance.

Consistency over laziness.

Some days I won’t “feel” like reading or spending time with Jesus, but I will practice faithfulness.

Sometimes I don’t think I am capable, but I push past that and go to Him.

No matter where we are in life, whether in middle, high school, college, working full time, or retired, we will battle with lies and excuses.

What lies are you believing?

What excuses do you find yourself making? Are these excuses or lies being more prioritized than the goodness that would come if you just stepped out and did what you’re questioning?

Self care is so important. I am learning that even MORE than my body needs water, vitamins, sleep, healthy food and all that good stuff, my body needs Jesus.

Our physical, mental, and spiritual health needs Jesus.

Are my thoughts glorifying the Lord? Are my thoughts lies that I have been believing? Am I making excuses?

Excuses were pulling me away from God.

These lies that I’ve believed for years were discouraging me, and pushing me further away from my goals, and God.

So I recognized this. And I thought about what my goals were for my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Then I asked:

Am I taking the right steps to get to where I want to be spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally? Are my thoughts leading me or am I letting God’s word lead me? Are the lies and excuses guiding me?

Stop and think about the way that you are thinking lately. Is it toxic? Are your thoughts a bunch of lies?

Do you need to tend to the garden in your mind? 

Let’s pray that God would see us as faithful. Let’s pray that God would teach us more about Him even when we don’t feel like doing anything (PUSH past this).

Let’s pray that God teaches us more about obedience over the fear of failing Him.

Let’s pray that God would help us see the Truth and not believe the lies or excuses.

Thanks for reading,

Tay Ruth

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  1. Maddy says:

    Such a beautiful blog Tay! So much truth! Thanks for sharing xx

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