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My Favorite Plants

I am obsessed with plants. When I went through a dark season and struggled to leave my home from anxiety and depression, I found joy in bringing life into my bedroom and living spaces.
Here are some of my favorites:

Don't ask me how much I've spent at the garden nursery.

Favorite Products

I earn a small commission from some of these links. 

So comfy & cute!

romaine wide leg pant 

This is the camera I use for my vlog as well as some of my instagram photos!

tay's camera

I get asked weekly where we got our couch from and it is by far the best couch out there!

our couch

This tapestry is my favorite. It reminds me of Psalms 23 & 42. 

our tapestry

my espresso machine

best investment. this thing gives back daily. SO GOOD. better than starbucks and a lot of coffee shops. 

Get my outfits & home decor 


Qs & As:

more of my faves

what do you use for Curly hair?

My secret tip is aloe vera juice! Spray it into your hair when its wet and let it dry. I also have been trying out the brand Innersense which I feel like so many people were recommending to me. 

What is some of your favorite natural makeup?

I love Kosas, Ilia, Merit, Beauty Counter, Cocokind, Thrive, Burts Bees blush, and more!

Where do you shop for clothes?

Hm- Free People, Aerie, Bohme, Breath of Youth, Anthropologie (rarely), Abercrombie 

What is your favorite coffee?

I love making coffee at home. I only drink decaf now. I always try to look for a water processed decaf. My favorite is from a local place called Zeke's and I love their "Market Blend" decaf.