Finding your Purpose

What is my purpose?

I was sitting down with two girls on the stairs having a conversation. One girl asked me, “what are you passionate about, like what is your dream within what you studied at school?”

I told her, “I’ve realized it actually isn’t necessarily what I studied. But I can use what I’ve learned too.” I went on to share about what my purpose is in life.

I realized for awhile I felt stuck. How can I pursue this dream when I’m no where close to it, how do I get to a place when I don’t really know my calling or purpose? Where do I place my talents when I feel limited or like I’m not enough?

Maybe if I had a little more education. Maybe if I had more time. Maybe if I knew the right people. Maybe if I had more training or resources. Maybe if I wasn’t living in the location I am. And so on and so on. These are the limitations that can be placed within our minds and prevent us from pursuing our dreams.

Specific detailed dreams can be daunting and scary. Making us not step forward because of fear of failure or perhaps judgment or lack of direction.

I told these girls sitting across from me the revelation I had not too long ago. I had been sitting in His presence and praying. I asked God, “God, why did you create me?” And I kept feeling like instead of giving me specific answers it was always big picture. The big picture was a simple word. Encourage. God has created me to be one who encourages. He’s created me to listen and to speak truth. That is my purpose and calling.

As I sat in His presence I felt that peace rush over me. No matter what season, no matter where I am, I can indeed encourage.

The purpose of my life is to spread the good news, to get on my hands and knees and be in the presence of someone else and bring that light to them. So what’s my dream? To encourage. Each season I don’t have to be rushing to get out because I’m right where God is calling me. I will work hard within that season not because I’m chasing a big dream but rather the big picture. It’s simple. Encourage.

Whether my job is the coffee girl, the file organizer, the middle man, the visionary, the CEO, the mother, the main speaker or wherever life one day leads me, I am equally within my purpose and dream. It’s the realization that someday can be today. It’s not about a constant chase of where I’ll one day be. But the acceptance and excitement of where God is putting me now. Scary and difficult, yes, but it’s also good. It’s really good.

Wha are you passionate about? What’s your big picture dream? What’s one word you would say God has given you the talent of? Is it to love? Is it to help? Is it to encourage? Or implement? To empathize? To serve?

With that big picture word, run forward and do what God has called us to do, spread the good word, it’s the gospel.

Thanks for reading,

Tay Ruth

2 responses to “Finding your Purpose”

  1. Brielle says:

    Tay, this made me tear up. So much truth. I’ve been asking the same questions and I’ve gotten the same response. But it has taken years to really get it. A purpose/calling is not a “career” but we can make careers out of our purpose. For a while, I was searching for a career, stuck in thinking it was my purpose. I made it out to be more complicated. It is so simple. Reading this was a sweet reminder; a breathe of fresh air. Thanks for sharing and shedding light on the subject. People need to hear this. Our purose is not so complicated.

    • tayruth says:

      Brielle, your comment just is so so sweet. Thank you for your encouragement. I’m so thankful that this blog brought encouragement to you! 💛 You are walking within your calling when you are walking within His plan. 😊💛

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