Get the Bridal Glow pt. 1

If you are following me on instagram you know that I am on “operation drink more water, wear less makeup, and use less heat on hair.”

Many of you are DM’ing me some tips on how to stay hydrated and here are some of the tips that were sent in:

1. Get a new large water bottle and use a straw because it makes you feel like it’s easier to drink.

2. Add chia seeds because they absorb water and then you end up drinking more… but don’t put too much because, fiber…

3. Add lemon for digestion and skin. Add cucumber, berries and strawberries to make it exciting.

4. Download the app “Plant Nanny” and track your water intake while getting notifications to remind you to drink to water your little plant character. I have already been doing this because I really want to see my plant grow, HAHA! Also there are different “difficulty levels” and I just started with beginner. (Thanks for this tip, Emily!)

My mom got me this eyelash serum and I have been using it for a week and I am ALREADY seeing progress. Pretty crazy actually. I will post more about my progress on my insta (click here) if you are wanting to follow along. This is pricey but way cheaper than eyelash extensions and more natural than fake lashes, but you could also add fake lashes on top.

Here is the eyelash serum:

(photo from sephora website)

I asked for tips on dark circles and some of you have suggested a couple of good tips. I am going to go and try them first before I recommend and then let you know!

Also, if you are wanting a pretty ring box for your detail pictures on your wedding day, this one that I just got from Amazon is super pretty and dainty. My friend Kim suggested it.

(Click photo for link)

I will continue to update ya on my “Bridal Glow” progress and put it under the category “Beauty.”

Thanks for all the tips and sweet words!

Love you all!

Thanks for reading,
Tay Ruth

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