Grande Cosmetics Review

If you have been following me since before my wedding you may remember my prep with trying to find good skincare, eyelash serum, and research of other products that would help me with my bridal glow. My mom has used Grande Cosmetic’s GrandeLash-MD Serum for a couple years and raved about it to me. She bought me a serum 2.5 months prior to my wedding as a gift and said, “Use this every night and you won’t have to use extensions or get false lashes.” I was hesitant but also curious. So I used this serum every night leading up to my wedding. I was blown away by the outcome and at one point kissed the bottle as I joked, “this serum is liquid gold.”

I reached out to Grande Cosmetics to tell them of my love for their products and curiosity towards their other products. They were so kind to send me a serum and a GrandeDRAMA Mascara that I was pumped to try out.

I am picky when it comes to mascara, so I was sort of nervous that I wasn’t going to love it and didn’t know what this review would be like. But because of my love for the serum, I had high hopes.

The first couple of swipes on my lashes I was shook. My sister, Aubrie, was taking my photos as I applied the mascara, and I said, “Oh my gosh. Aubrie this is magic.” She stopped taking my photos and stared as I applied it. She said, “What….WOAH.”

I went down stairs and sat on my parent’s deck to get some sunshine and my mom joined me and sat across the large round table and stared at me, “Tay, did you use the mascara?! Your lashes look fake, they’re so long. Wow!”

So…I thought that the majority of this blog would be raving about the serum since I love that serum so much. But the addition to that, the mascara is also amazing! I have usually used Too Faced BTS mascara, or Tarte’s Mascara, but I think this one is my new favorite!!

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