Hi, it’s been awhile!

Hi! I am so excited to open up my blog and start writing again. It’s been awhile. I got pretty busy and was juggling a lot at once. I definitely want and love writing and sharing here. So It isn’t that I stopped because I got bored of it or because I was lacking creativity in regards to blogging.

I have a couple updates for ya since I last blogged and if you follow me on instagram you probably already know all of this but here goes this:
1. Luke finished the kitchenette and it looks so great! 🙂 We are now working on other house projects like decorating and organizing. He is building a shelf still. So we still need to organize the counter top (everything is sort just on the counter haha! So also- I just took this photo so excuse the mess & btw we still have our pumpkins even though its now past New Years….but they’re still solid and cute? should I get rid of them? probably….Also there’s blue tape up because we are going to paint the back wall and add the shelf Luke built. The rug is the one that Luke proposed to me on in a barn…it’s from wayfair!)

2. Luke finished his first semester of nursing school and did so well. He will graduate December 2020 (accelerated program 15 months).

3. Luke and I have been studying up on budgeting a ton and trying to be wise with all of that, if you are married and have tips in regards to this we would love to hear all your wisdom. We are considering doing financial peace! Have you done this?
4. I have been going to counseling for awhile and I love it. I dread going prior every single time, but walk out with mascara streaming down my cheeks and a thankful heart.
5. We got a kitten! He is a Scottish fold & his name is Roy G. Biv! My best friend, Mary Kate, helped me name him because we wanted a name that had to do with “rainbow” since rainbows mean a lot to me!
6. I have been missing my family extra lately (like all my cousins and grandparents/aunts and uncles!) I don’t know why that is an update, but it’s true.
7. I have been loving sharing on my instagram @tayruthwel about recipes, essential oils, home stuff, books, plants and all the stuff I love.
8. I have been watching youtube videos on how to start a youtube video (not about like actual content but more on how to use a camera and edit haha) but my family is considering starting a vlog because to be honest…our lives can be crazy/funny/real/and entertaining. I’ve also considered starting one as well for personal stuff. But we will see!

9. Something I love and have always loved is house hunting on Zillow and other websites. I actually have found a house for someone before! (shout out to pastor Andy). But I love love love looking around at homes and at cute characteristics of new and old homes. That’s been a fun past time for me (woah is it pass time or past time???)

10. I am reading through the Bible in a year with 300+ of you! Which is so cool, intimidating, sweet, and exciting. I have been recognizing how easy it is to push off my reading but EVERY time I read, I am SO thankful and filled. It’s interesting how our brains can convince us that it’s something we don’t want to do…when in reality after we do it, we LOVE it. It reminds me of counseling.  It’s hard work but it really really really is good, even if we don’t feel it in the moment.

I would love to hear what you have been up to and how you have been? I am excited to start writing again and sharing with you. This is a rather short blog, but I have to start somewhere! 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Tay Ruth

3 responses to “Hi, it’s been awhile!”

  1. Bekah says:

    We did Financial Peace University and it was so so so good for our finances but, honestly, also for our marriage. Now, don’t get me wrong, we weren’t struggling marriage wise. But it set us up to be on the same page in all things financial and family/budget related. So when times got tough (really tough) in that department, we already agreed on how to handle it. The stress way lower.

    Also, speaking of times getting rough, we went through almost a year and a half of unemployment and I honestly don’t think we would have made it if we hadn’t followed the plan in Financial Peace. We were set up so much better when we went in to trouble than we would have been without it. And as a result we did much better through it. I recommend it to everyone.

  2. Katherine D says:

    I love Roy! He is such a cutie. I read through the Bible in a year a little over a year ago, and after I finished I went back to being really bad at making time for my devotions. So, I’m doing it again! There is something about knowing that I have reading to do that makes me carve out time for it, and then I am always encouraged by God’s Word. I’m so excited that so many people have signed up to do it with you.

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