His Grace Goes Deeper

His grace goes deeper. This phrase just kept popping up in my head the past couple of days. And it has several layers of meaning. His graces goes deeper than my sin. It goes deeper than my pain. It goes deeper than my joy, deeper than my suffering, and deeper than any situation.

His grace goes deeper than my mind can understand. I’m not sure about you but I get these revelations at times where something just absolutely blows my mind. This phrase is one that I have been wrestling with for some time, in a good way. His grace goes deeper. The following circumstances are examples of how deep our God’s grace goes…

I have a friend who continually comes to me with guilt and shame for something they’ve gone to God about several times. Something that has been dealt with, confessed, and repented. And yet, my friend continually find’s themselves hitting their head and feeling awful for their past. I wish I could take it from them, and many times we wished that one prayer was all it took for every prayer to be answered. This friend may be you.

But, I’m glad prayer doesn’t work that way. God often teaches us the most during these days of seeking. I challenge you to go to Him in quietness and before you ask Him to remove the guilt or shame, sit in His presence and be still. As you do this, begin to express what you are thankful for. Thanksgiving is healing.

I have a friend who deals with chronic illness, and the prayers we’ve prayed for healing outnumber the doctor visits and that says a lot. The prayer hasn’t been answered the way we would hope it to be answered. It confuses us, and honestly is painful at times. This friend may be you.

Before you pray for healing, sit in his presence and think of all that you are thankful for. Thanksgiving is healing.

I have a friend whose life isn’t easy and their suffering far out weighs their easy days. The questions that they often asked, “why? why is it harder for me?” This friend may be you.

Before you go to Him and ask Him to remove your suffering, sit in His presence and thank Him.

I have a friend who was accused of being prideful, accused of lying, shamed, betrayed, portrayed as being fake and illegitimate. This friend of mine was killed for something he didn’t even do. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around it. This world doesn’t always treat us the way we think it should. This friend is Jesus.

Jesus know’s our situation more than we do, he knows our pain deeper than we realize. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, however we are feeling, know that Jesus went before us. His grace goes deeper than we realize.

Psalm 107 is something that I have read over and over. Our God delivers us, He heals, He saves, He redeems, He protects, He rescues, He is full of grace.

“They saw the works of the Lord,
his wonderful deeds in the deep.” Psalm 107:24

3 responses to “His Grace Goes Deeper”

  1. Kathryn Mader says:

    Excellent truths, as always. I read something recently that said how Jesus is right with us, suffering along with us. We are not suffering alone, as you have beautifully expressed, because the Holy Spirit lives within us. What a comfort to know that we are not left to our own devices. The Lord feels and suffers right along WITH us, carrying us through our trials. I just can’t tell you how comforting and freeing it was to realize that (thanks to someone’s testimony).

  2. Morgan J says:

    This is soooo good💛 your blog is so very inspiring and encouraging😊

  3. Jodi says:

    I am so deeply MOVED and INSPIRED by what you wrote! I just stumbled across your blog…but I am sure it is not by accident. I can’t wait to read more. Thank you for doing what you do!

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