Honeymoon Outfit Ideas

So I did some online shopping of some good deals/ cute outfits that I liked and linked them here for ya. Some of these I personally own myself and love them! The photos are from the websites of where the item is sold so I did not take these (unless it’s a photo of myself in the item haha). 

Comfy shorts from aerie: On sale for $14.97. I own these in a brown color and love them. So comfy.

Aerie distressed T-shirt’s The comfiest T-shirts! I own 3, black, green, and red. These are on sale for $17.46.

White Palazzo pant: This set is so cute. I used this as my bathing suit cover up and it was so comfy! Linked are the pants for $15.98. 

White top to set: This is the top to the set! It’s a spaghetti strap with elastic on the bottom. Price: $11.98.

Lululemon 7/8 pant: This is more expensive but I call these my travel pants. My friend MK told me about them and we went together to Lululemon and I tried them on. They’re worth the price and I wear them ALL the time.

Cake Batter Joggers: I own these and they’re so comfy. Definitely cute and great for travel or lounging. $27.96.

 White Urban DressThis dress is so cute, beachy and bridal. $49.

Flower chart t-shirt: This T-shirt is so cute! $34

Straw bagThis bag is SO cute. $49.

Leather slide sandals: These sandals are cute and I wish I had some like these. $29.

Straw bag with edge: This looks sorta like one I own, but I kinda like the look of this one. It’s $23. 

Smock dressThis black smock dress is so cute, I might buy it.
$48. Cute by the beach. Could put this over a bathing suit for lunch or wear to dinner!

501 Levi Shorts: I own these and they are the best shorts I’ve ever had. Worth the price. Wear these ALL the time.


Vintage T: I own this and love the fit. Also you could get this outfit with the shorts above and this t-shirt. $16 for some color and $9.99 for some other colors.


Buy one get one swimsuit Aerie has a sale for swimsuits right now and I always like my suits from there. 


Striped Pjs: These are cute Pj’s from H&M. $29.99

Red Pjs: I own these! They’re cute and only $9.99, there are black ones too for a little more $.

Bras and bralette sale (30-60% off): Sale at Aerie for Bras & Bralette’s if you are needing some cute and affordable ones. I also bought cute and cheap bras from H&M that were comfortable and a great deal.

Packing Cubes: THESE! Buy these for your honeymoon. Seriously. SO HELPFUL. I packed my shirts in one cute, my underwear/lingerie in one, pants in one, my pj’s and comfy clothes in one, and toiletries in another. Basically very organized and helpful! $20.99.

I hope this was helpful or gave some fun ideas on what to wear/get for your honeymoon! If you have not yet read “What to Pack on a Sunny Honeymoon” I shared some helpful tips on how to pack for your honeymoon. 
*affiliate links included for some products.

Thanks for reading,
Tay Ruth

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