How He Asked

Hi! If we haven’t met, my name is Tay Ruth and I am engaged to Luke Welgoss. 

Here is the story of our proposal…it is long but I’m so excited and I’ve been dating him for six years so I feel I deserve to be able to fully express all of this! Haha!

Well first I just want to say God is real. And I have proof. 

So before we get into that proof, let me tell you all that lead up to the special moment.

Luke and I have been dating for six years and we met when I was 13 at Trinity Christian School in Fairfax, VA. We started dating right at the end of sophomore year in high school at 16 years old. Our relationship has drastically grown and changed through the years and we’ve gone through a lot, but God has been so clearly involved that it makes our hearts happy. 


Here we are October 2011 (not dating yet, 15/16 years old)

So during spring break, Luke asked my dad and mom to marry me. He also ordered the ring from Taylor Custom Rings. And if you follow me on Instagram @taylorrshuler, you would know I just went to Disney World. Which is when Luke was running around town getting prepared for the proposal working with Katy Byrd (good friend and her family’s home/barn is where the proposal was). He apparently was communicating with her and handing her stuff for the proposal. Little did I know Katy and her sister/ family were setting everything up while Luke was with me. I am the curious type and usually figure everything out, so I’m amazed this all worked out without me ever knowing.

Now moving a couple days forward—-

The night before we got engaged I was feeling very down. Depressed is actually what it was. Every pain, sadness or anything I’ve gone through was hitting me. I realized I’m leaving Lynchburg, the place I’ve so fallen in love with. And leaving Lynchburg means I’m leaving a lot of my family (friends but they’ve become family). I had expressed to Luke a while back that the desire in my heart would be to get engaged when all of our family and friends were able to be there. But as we were getting close to graduation I lost hope. By the way, I’m rather dramatic. But the thing is my heart is fully involved in pretty much everything I do. So God doesn’t see me that way, I’m pretty confident He sees me as just- Tay, me. God also knows I have high expectations at times which can be difficult. I’ve told Him all about it. God’s a good listener. And I’ve been growing through that. 

So, that day on Cinco De Mayo I was so sad, pity party actually. I FaceTimed my family with Luke there as I cried and couldn’t express to anyone what was going on. They were all laughing at me and I had no clue why! Little did I know the tears that were coming down my face weren’t necessary because the very thing I had dreamt of was occurring in less than 24 hours. (People say I am like Kate Hudson in Bride Wars…I’m not proud of this.) I even posted a photo on Instagram that day, just saying how college years are the best days and I was sad to leave. Not really knowing what season was ahead. 

Luke kept saying “Tay, trust me.” And I said “I just want to be eng-….” and stopped myself realizing the spiral was going way down. He then LIED…and said he was still trying to save up for the ring, and that he wanted it to be so special. HA- he was proposing the next day. Patience guys…it’s actually difficult. And as humans we usually get less patient the closer we are. That night Luke was trying to get me to sing to cheer me up, I wasn’t having it. We video taped all of it….here is a screenshot that my friend Sam Clark took of it with some added art..


Art by our boy Sam Clark

Well the next day I woke up and I felt so happy. It was Sunday, last day at our favorite place, Ascent (college ministry from Thomas Road Baptist Church). I have no idea why I felt so happy, as I had NO clue what was to come. I think I just felt God’s presence. I was slowly getting ready that morning when I received a text from Luke, “here! :)” I panicked. I had no outfit picked out and couldn’t find my pants or shirts since I have been packing up my room. So I put on a dress because that eliminates all search. I got in the car and Luke was shocked I was dressed up the way I was. “Woah. You look nice.” 

Which now looking back it’s crazy to think he was seeing me with the knowledge that he was going to propose that night. 

We went to church and we saw John Luke and Mary Kate (they’re the best), and they just got back from Guatemala so I was so excited to see them. I gave John Luke a big hug and we were talking for a bit and Quincy came over (our pastor and dear friend) and to be honest I can’t remember what we were talking about but I just remember not picking up on anything. Mary Kate came over and I was beyond excited to see her. We talked about pretty much everything under the moon which now looking back is hilarious because she said she was basically giddy excited. She told me she LOVED my dress which just confirmed I was going to continue wearing it the rest of the day cause Luke and I had a party to go to (good thinking MK!)

Luke had our friend, Katy Byrd, text us an invite to a Student Government Reunion at her home. Of course we were going to go, because Luke was the student body Vice President last year and I knew that’d mean a lot to him. Plus we would get to see all our friends! I texted my friends Mollie and Tessa asking if they were going and they both said “Yes!!! Are you!?” HA Luke warned everyone I would probably ask around to see who was going to be there. (Smart man.)

My best friend Kelly Ogle came over to my home around 3 pm and we were just hanging out. We watched wedding videos and talked about a lot of different things. I was telling her about how it’s hard to be patient, and I’m pretty sure I dumped on her how depressed I was the day before. She didn’t ever crack a smile or laugh or show any signs of anything to come. She graciously encouraged me and told me how great it will be when it does come and how thankful I will be for the timing. WOW- like “Tay wait just a few hours.” I mean come on!!! My roommate Callie was heading out the door and I randomly asked, “Callie, where are you going?” She replied “why? Dog sitting?” And I didn’t even question any of it. Everyone’s faces were so natural. Now they tell me they were like having an internal battle to not breathe or show me any signs! Hahaha!!

At 7:10, Kelly is preparing to leave and Luke shows up. He was acting really weird and not blinking but I just thought he was tired or something. Kelly is making jokes with us about videos I had shown her and Luke was not really responding and now looking back on it- it’s hilarious! 

Then Kelly leaves and I receive a phone call immediately after from her, “Tay. Go look outside. There’s a beautiful rainbow. I know that rainbows have a significant meaning in your life. Just thought you’d think it’s cool!”

Luke and I head outside and I see this massive rainbow, with the most vibrant colors. Double! Double rainbow. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had never seen anything like it. The colors were hitting the ground. I kept talking and video taping and screaming “WHAT!?” It was unreal. Luke was quiet but so sentimental. I thought it was just because of the rainbow. 

Proof God is real: I got in an accident and have had heightened anxiety when it rains due to the fact it was rainy the day of the accident. About a year or more ago, Chris Tomlin’s wife prayed for me. She told me she felt the Lord was telling her to tell me “Your rainbow is coming.” During my toughest days I have held onto that promise, not understanding and desiring/wondering what it meant. But I believed with all my heart the Lord would be faithful and fulfill His promise. For many hard days through out, I would say out loud “my rainbow is coming,” to hold onto hope.

I told Luke, “I am going to remember this day for the rest of my life.” He sweetly replied, “me too, Tay.” And he kept saying “I love you, Tay.” 

You may think I’m kind of naive or dumb cause I STILL HAD NO CLUE! Or maybe Luke was just that good at it all which I think is what it was.

As we are pulling up to the Byrd’s home Luke begins to drive slow and he has the Johnny Swim album playing as this has been such special music for us. I am still taking photos of the rainbow and just in awe.

I wish you could’ve seen the sky. I felt like I stepped into another world. I felt God’s presence so strong as I looked around.. Picture this: the greenest grass with wood fences, trees with full leaves and wet dark trunks.  It’s sunny but pouring and there are two rainbows above. And your driving down a long drive way, with horses to your left and open grass to your right. 

The home is straight ahead, but Luke turns left. He pulls up to a barn and looks at me. I thought it was overflow parking area but didn’t see any other cars. He then said, “Tay. We aren’t here for an SGA party, we are here for something else.” In that moment my jaw dropped and I got out of the car and fell into him. He slid open the barn doors and the most beautiful heavenly setting was there. 


He read me a letter and I would be lying if I said I remembered or heard him. My whole body lost feeling and in mid proposal I began to worship Jesus.


His spirit was so tangible in that place. But then I remembered I had to answer Luke! We were both filled with emotion and excitement because it’s been 6 long amazing years of dating. But little tip to all future guys and girls getting engaged: write it down, read it. It’s so special to keep those words and to be able to say/ hear exactly what you’re feeling.

Not only did God promise me my rainbow was coming, He gave us two. And as Luke was proposing the barn was in the middle of a double rainbows! I didn’t realize there would be a LITERAL rainbow, I thought it was just symbolic.


 I whispered “yes” because my emotions were so high and “loud” I thought I was yelling. Our sisters, Aubrie, Alleigh, and  Sydney came out from the stalls in the barn and Mary Kate was there taking photos. As we were hugging them and looking at the pictures surrounding the proposal rug, both of our families and Jon Dean walk up to us and I lost it with excitement.


We took lots of photos and prayed. 

I had no idea but the last time my parents saw a double rainbow was the day my dad asked my mom to marry him, May 2, 1988. 

My dad (Pastor) said right after the proposal, “I have the power to turn this moment into a wedding right now.” Can’t lie I was tempted… how cool would that be!? But I’d want all family and friends there. But it was fun to think about. 


After that we went back to John Luke and Mary Kate’s house where we met John Luke at the base of his driveway. He greeted us with a huge hug and brought us in to a big surprise party! We had people drive from Virginia Tech (big shout out to my boys Andrew Fuller and Sam Clark), from northern VA (Sam King, Ashley and Mike Schoka) , Jon Dean from York Town, and so many others from LU there to show us love. My best friend from middle and high school, Deb Fonseca attacked me with hugs and so much joy.


Mrs. Welgoss, Luke’s Mom, made the most amazing trays and decoration for the party. Luke’s Dad picked me out the most beautiful pink roses, which confirmed he knows my heart. Alleigh wrote me the kindest “welcome to the family” with the actual sweetest gift. She also just got back from Guatemala a few days before! And I’m so thankful.

My family surprised me and had many gifts and tears and I was overwhelmed with how my dreams were coming true.

My roommates Megan Dole and Callie Bradley got me super fun gifts and have been so sweet and supportive. 

Well. I got my rainbow, and that’s not the end of God’s promise. That was just a reminder that He is always Faithful. Always Good. Always listening. Always there. 

God knows my heart. He knows Luke’s heart.

He blessed us tremendously knowing that word that was given to me a year or two years ago.

So that’s my proof that God is real. There was a significant word of encouragement given to me, it came true, it was spot on and during the exact time of the proposal. There’s no other way to explain it or describe it. We can ask so many questions but sometimes the only response we need to hear is that He is God. That’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever heard and when you begin to believe and have faith it’s insane how He reveals Himself.


“When the bow is in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.””

Genesis 9:16

Thank you for reading,
Tay Ruth 
(Future Mrs. Welgoss)

*All photos taken by my friend Mary Kate


6 responses to “How He Asked”

  1. Cindy Welgoss says:

    I am feeling too much emotion to respond with a lot of verbiage. (You know that I am *rarely* without *a lot * of words to share when I write!) All I can say is that the Lord’s presence was palpable to all of us Sunday evening and we are SO blessed for you to be officially joining our family, Tay! We are so looking forward to this *new season* of wedding planning. But, even more so, we are delighting in watching the foundation of your marriage to Luke become so firmly set in the Lord prior to the wedding. We are SO blessed! Love, Me

    • tayruth says:

      I am so excited! It was such an amazing day and I can’t stop thinking about it all. So thankful for everyone who was a part of it 😍😭💛 I’m excited to marry, Luke!

  2. Wendy says:


  3. lindiwit says:

    My heart is so fill right now. I’m actually at a loss for words.
    Sweet cousin I am so over the moon happy for you and luke. I’ve been praying like crazy for your engagement ❤ your story really makes me believe in God’s plan over my life mainly in terms of romance x x x .thank you for sharing x x x truly so happy for you x x x

    • tayruth says:

      Lindi, wow my heart twin. I love you and I’m so thankful for you. Jesus is good. God is real!!! I wish you could’ve been there, it was insane! He is so faithful and He knows us so well! Just go to Him exactly where you are! I have been learning that I don’t have to hide when I’m struggling or sad, or in pain, or emotional, He isn’t shocked by anything. 💛😍 love you!

  4. Bethany brinkley says:

    Taylor, this made me cry. So beautiful. So happy for y’all

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