How to Give a Good Gift

One of my main love languages is gifts…and also handwritten letters. When Luke and I were dating in college we both took our love language test and I get an even number in Touch, Quality Time & Gifts. He got the opposite of me with his top being Words of Affirmation and Serving. So that encouraged and challenged us to be creative in how we gave and received love.

This is the same for my relationships with my sisters, friends, and other family members.

Because my love language is gifts I’ve learned to be very intentional when I hear people speak of their interests, needs, and or wishlist. I even take note of my friends Starbucks orders just in case there’s a day I could surprise them.

My friends have said that they can tell I put thought into my gifts and I want to encourage and teach you how to give good gifts too! When it comes to those you love, it can be frustrating when Christmas or their birthday comes a long and you ask them what they want and they give the infamous, “nothing…” Unfortunately nothing won’t cut it. And you can only give guys the staples every couple years (like a wallet). But there’s away around that…

1. Listen. Listen throughout the year when they point something out in the store, or when they are talking about their interests. Keep in your notes a running list of ideas without them knowing.

2. Take notes of their favorite snacks, candy, coffee, lip balm, lotion, nail polish…seriously, this is one way to fill a basket with fun things you know they love and it shows you notice and care.

3. If you’re long distance and can’t afford to send care packages often, send them a Starbucks gift card over the phone or send them money for Chick-fil-A…kind of like getting lunch together and you can even FaceTime them while you’re both at a restaurant if you’re long distance.

4. Think about who the person is, do they like fashion? Look at bloggers they follow for clothes and find their links to get them. Are they more about experiences? Look up cool experiences and go on a day gift where you both go do an experience like a concert or jump house etc.

5. Ask them 5 of their favorite gifts they’ve ever received to see if it was based on sentiment, price, technology, clothing etc to be able to see what their expectations are when it comes to gifts.

6. I always think, “if I love it then they probably will too.” But if we’re very different or they’re not my sisters or girlfriends, I can always tell when it’s a good gift when I am beyond excited to give it. Also sometimes social media can be the best tool when it comes to gift giving.

*Just adding this a day later…I actually made Luke get a Pinterest and pin things that he liked. This helped me see his style, and what he was naturally interested in. This helped for a season, and now I just get him more than I used to haha. But also check out your girlfriends Pinterest accounts!

One Christmas I went for the sentimental route and got my mom a gold bar bracelet with her favorite scripture engraved in it. My dad is a huge history buff so I got him a collector item of presidential soap with three scents that different presidents loved. And we got him a record player so he could listen to his dads and grandfathers records he had never heard. That Christmas was so special and sentimental.

Also for years I heard my mom talk about wanting a skinny gold chain mini pearl necklace where the pearls were separated by the gold chain. I found it after years of looking and got it immediately for Her and she cried. Cause I listened and knew that was something she always wanted.

Being intentional not only makes it fun for those who are receiving the gifts but it also helps those know how much you are intentional with your friendship. The longer I know my friends the better I get. And I do it because I genuinely love them and it’s fun.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to be intentional. I hope that this helps you get creative with gift giving. 💛

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