How to Make the Perfect Gift Basket

GUYS! So excited. It is officially starting to feel like autumn. I said “autumn” just to sound fancy, I normally call it fall.

It has been around 65 degrees and rainy lately. Usually I am not a huge fan of rain,
but theres a reason to celebrate because it’s LUKE’S 23rd BIRTHDAY!

It is so crazy to think that this is the last birthday of his before we are married! Luke is 7 months older than me and honestly, you can tell.
He is so intelligent, but he has been growing in wisdom as well.

It is rare that you can say a 23 year old male is wise. But I am so thankful that Luke’s heart has been growing in wisdom, and he leads us both so well. Before we got engaged Luke told me that he wouldn’t be able to get down on one knee until he knew that he relied on God fully and was seeking Him with his whole heart. I remember being amazed that Luke saw the importance of his relationship with God and it really inspired me too. Sometimes with growth comes pain. So I saw as God stretched him, refined him, molded him, and even pruned and cut back somethings that needed to be taken care of. But, WOW….

As our relationship grew, I noticed that Luke was growing so much in his faith and really was putting more into his relationship with God than just habit or tradition. He was spending quality time with the Lord and going to God first before anyone else. I saw how his values, interests, service and more began to grow.

I was recently looking back on old journal entries where I wrote my prayers down, and I was shocked to see how God has been answering them and it hasn’t been anything forced, it has been happening naturally. God has been aligning mine and Luke’s hearts and dreams. Just really cool.

Whenever we get to milestones such as holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness.

This time last year, Luke and I were just beginning to dream of marriage, and now we are engaged to be married.

Last year I bought him Lululemon pants for his birthday, and this year we are saving money because we are getting married at the end of April!

Luke said that he didn’t want anything for his birthday (I feel like every guy says this), but one of my love languages is gifts, so I actually can not go without giving him something.

So I decided to make a little fall basket for him! My budget I gave myself was $25. 

I went to &That! which is in the same family as World Market, Home Goods and all those lovely stores.

All of this cost less than $25 and I still get to show him I love him with fun little fall warming gifts.

I am known for my “basket” gifts. I love making little presentations with treasures in them.

The key to a good gift basket is a finding a re-usable cute basket, a good soap bar or some form of soap, a face mask, a little candle, and some candy.

This is a sweet way to show someone you love them by getting some of their favorite things to add to a basket, without having to spend $50 or more to show them you love them.

One of my favorite parts is giving the basket a “theme.” This one’s theme is fall. This can help you think of creative little additions for the basket.

For Luke’s first birthday we ever celebrated together as a couple (he was turning 17), I got him a cooler filled with mozzarella cheese, his favorite pasta, cream soda, reese’s and more! I had no clue how else to shop for him other than the foods he loved (HA!). This was my first “basket” gift.

Luke is so good at giving gifts that it’s sometimes intimidating to get him anything, but I know without a doubt that he will always love candy and a good mint soap. I also know that he will always love me so whatever I give him, he will love.

Girls are so much easier to shop for! All you have to do is look at their Pinterest or the bloggers they follow on Instagram to see their styles.

But with gifts for guys sometimes it feels like the same gift every year.

There are staple gifts for guys like a good wallet, a good watch, a good leather jacket or jean jacket, and a good toiletry bag. But once you get that for him that will last for like 5-10 years. Luke loves Lululemon shorts and pants because he works out a lot, but that also is something that lasts a while, so when you start to run out of ideas, it may be time to make a good basket.


The basket can then be used for storage in their office or bedroom. For example this cute little basket can be used for a future plant, or his Bible and journal, or even socks? (I hope he doesn’t use this basket for socks..but I will let him choose HA)

I usually try to get 5 small little things to put in the basket because that makes it feel full and its an odd number so you can present it better.

Basket ideas for a girl:



nail polish

colorful pens

cute stickers

tea, coffee, or hot chocolate

Basket ideas for a Guy:



pocket knife

new book


root beer or birch beer/ cream soda

movie tickets

essentials such as shaving cream,

eyedrops (like above photo)

or toothpaste (some guys prefer practical)

card game/ fun little toy

(Yes even grown adult males enjoy getting a little fun toy/game)

Some more fun additions that can be added to both guys and girls baskets are mugs, lotion, journals, another favorite food item, gift cards, succulent, and bath bombs/salts.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Let me know if this inspires you to make a basket gift, I would love to see what you create.

Oh…and happy birthday Lucas 🙂

Thank you for reading,
Tay Ruth

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