How to Start a Blog: Q & A

I started my blog April 11, 2018. I am not a professional, however, I have learned some tips and tricks that I would love to share with you. I asked for people to send in their questions that they had in regards to blogging, and here are a few of the questions that were sent. I hope this encourages you!
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Q1. How do you start a blog in 5 steps?

Okay this is what I would do if I were to start over and start from scratch, so I will answer as if I am telling myself:

1.Get a domain, (I bought mine on godaddy).  Set up siteground (or a hosting site like bluehost…but I have siteground so that’s all I know). Ask them in their live chat to please create you a wordpress.org site. Choose the GrowBig plan. (That’s what I have because it has more GB space, freedom, and room from growth that I AM growing into so it’s worth it).

  1. Look around online for good wordpress.org themes. There are super great ones out there. I know a lot of people love the pipdig ones. Just look around and ask your blogger friends!
  2. Think about your niche and style. Ask yourself what your message is and how you want to portray that message?
    4. Make your Instagram and your Pinterest profiles business/public.
    5.Write a ton and keep blog posts on hand so that you can be consistent. Consistency is KEY.

Q2. How do you decide how deep you should share when writing/telling a story?
Discernment is important. Whenever you share a story you have to be mindful of the other people that are included in that story. For example, if I am sharing a story like the one in Can’t Touch This: Physical Boundaries, I have to first ask Luke to read it and approve it. If he doesn’t feel comfortable with the story going out to the public, I don’t post it. Another thing that is important to think about is sharing struggles or a past sin with others because even though it may be a victory story for you, it could cause others to then justify struggling with whatever it may be. For example, when people ask Luke and I what our boundaries are we usually don’t share in detail because it can then cause someone else to push their boundaries, if that makes sense? Everyone’s boundaries may be different. Luke and I learned early on not to ask other people what their boundaries were because we noticed that our friends had different convictions than we did and it had the potential to become a temptation for us to go past our boundaries because others that we trusted would go further. Ha- this became a boundaries talk? But anyways basically you have to have discernment.

Q3. How do you focus on glorifying God rather than focusing on views?
A3.  So before I started a blog I remember being so discouraged before I ever started…asking myself, “What if no one cares?” I also asked myself, “What if only my mom reads it?” But I had to get past that fear. I then felt this overwhelming peace that I should write for Jesus, and one other person. Meaning, every single blog I post is to glorify and bless the Lord and encourage one other person. I am NEVER discouraged when I have that mindset. Odds are one person will always read your blog. The rest of the people that read it whether that’s 60, 600, 6k, or 6 million, will be a bonus.

Q4. How do you gain followers in order to promote your blog?
A4. This is not the easiest. But I would say I have focused most on Pinterest when it comes to growing my blog traffic. I post original content and then pin it with a link to my blog. Hashtags are your best friends. Collabs or partnerships are good too. I tend to think, “the people who are meant to read my blog will find it.” Haha This “trying to gain followers” isn’t necessarily the most natural part of blogging for me.

Q5. How did you get over the awkwardness of speaking in video or instagram stories?
A5. HA- honestly I am still awkward and sometimes I film my stories 5-10x HAHA, But honestly…JUST BE YOURSELF.

Q6. How do you stay motivated and creative?

A6. I think that one of my number one gifts from God is creativity. I haven’t struggled with writer’s block but for maybe 10 minutes. I think that what I do is think about what is happening in my life, what I am learning from God and when in doubt, do a DIY post for fun. Staying motivated is something that I have had to learn and teach myself in. I have learned so much about faithfulness, consistency, and faith because of this. I am very motivated now. I want to create pieces that glorifies the Lord, deeply encourages others or makes them happy. I have told myself that in order to show people that I care, I have to be consistent. I have created this community of people that I talk with regularly and encourage. This motivates me.

Q7. Does someone help you proofread your blogs?
A7. YES. I always have Luke, my mom, or my sister Aubrie read it. If I am not positive on whether something is biblically sound or right theologically I ask my dad who is a pastor and finishing up his doctoral. I also ask Luke. There has only been one time where they fixed the way I phrased something. I struggle with grammar. But part of me likes to keep the way that I write because it is very close to how I talk and people say they can hear my voice when they read my blogs, which I think is cool haha!

Q8. Which platform is good for newbies? Should I use a site to make a blog for free or pay for my own site name?
A8. I think the answers to this depends on where you are wanting to go with your blog. Is this a hobby or is this something that you are wanting to have become a part time/ full time job? I think that if it is a hobby than I would probably go for whatever is more affordable. But if this is something you are wanting to build to become a part time/ full time job, then I would definitely invest in a domain, a hosting site, and a wordpress.org site or something that has good creative reign.

Q9. How did you choose your domain name?
A9. I knew that I would be getting married which means I couldn’t or shouldn’t put my last name in my domain because then I would have to pay for a new one. Plus my first name and middle name are very special to me so I chose tayruth.com. At some point I will write another blog with more depth on why I chose that.

Q10. How did you choose what theme you wanted for your Instagram, blog, and Pinterest?
A10. I asked myself, what represents me? If I were a character in a book or a movie, what would represent me? 1. Faith. 2. Nature/ Plants 3. Relationships 4. Curly Hair/ interest in beauty.

Thank you all for sending in great questions! I hope that this encourages you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below, or DM me on Instagram! You can also email me at tayruthblog@gmail.com!

Thanks for reading,
Tay Ruth

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  1. Morgan says:

    Hi Tay!

    This was so encouraging! I am thinking of starting a blog soon and this really helped me! 🙂

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