How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is probably one of the number one ways that I grow my blog. This surprises many since people naturally assume its instagram. But Pinterest is actually the tool that helps the most in a consistent way.

Before I begin, I will say this…it takes work, patience, and dedication. Since I got married and traveled for so much I went from 1.5 M monthly viewers to 627K monthly viewers. But let me explain to you why the monthly viewers doesn’t necessarily mean that much…it’s basically equivalent to a Youtube video with 1 Million views but then you see that the Youtube channel has 1,000 subscribers. So the views do gain traction to your channel, but basically if you don’t have that high of a monthly view that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting quality/loyal viewers.

If you were to ask me the question, “how can I grow my blog?” or “how can I organically grow my instagram?” my first tip would be 1. consistency. & 2. Pinterest.


1. Make sure to verify your website & your instagram to your Pinterest.
The reason you want to do this is so that when people pin one of your instagram photos it automatically links to your Pinterest. And when someone pins a photo from your website it also links to your Pinterest.
When you verify your website on Pinterest you should see a checkmark next to your url.
2. TURN UP THE VOLUME ON THIS ONE…OR Put your glasses on…basically FOCUS on this tip…
MAKE SURE WHEN YOU POST ORIGINAL CONTENT ON PINTEREST YOU LINK TO YOUR INSTAGRAM OR YOUR WEBSITE. Every time you post an original photo to Pinterest you need to link your instagram or website (I do them interchangeably). This brings people to your sites!

3. Make sure that all your original content on Pinterest is “Pinterest size” not instagram size! If you post a square photo, it is less likely to be seen on Pinterest since most of the photos on there are larger. Use the apps Canva or WordSwag for this. You may be thinking “for every post?” Yes. But some Vertical photos naturally upload with the “Pinterest Size.” But if you are making a word quote for Pinterest you want to make sure it’s Pinterest size.

4. Follow the accounts that you love. This helps with inspiration.

5. Make sure you’re actually posting original content for your Pinterest, otherwise it’s less likely for people to find your website if you aren’t cross linking it!

6. Make sure your Pinterest is easy to navigate! Make your boards clear and organized.

7. Pin 70% of other pins you find on Pinterest that inspires you and 30% of original content mixed within that. (I learned this from a Pinterest class but I can’t remember who taught that to me…but basically the thought is, pin more of Pinterest pins and then definitely mix with your original content).

8. I try to pin at least 30 pins a day. This may sound like a lot to some people, and no I don’t count them…I just make sure that I am actually using my Pinterest. But when it comes to original content, I pin new content at least 2x a week. The more the better.

9. Utilize your hashtags! The Pinterest analytics is helpful to see what hashtags work the best for your account. For me it’s usually in regards to my style board, home board, or words board. (So not as much with my food board for example).

10. AGAIN I SAY CONSISTENCY. Be consistent. I know this may seem annoying or unnecessary to some, but with our world and social media, it’s actually such a useful and helpful tool. It’s also fun if you make it fun.

You can see my Pinterest Here.  (@tayruthblog)

I hope this helps and encourages you with your business profile Pinterest!

Below are examples of Pinterest content I created…

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