Life Update: Bye, Syd!

My little sister, Sydney just got all moved into college and oh my goodness where has the time gone?

Little Squid can’t be old enough to be in college, and I can’t be old enough to be out and getting married?

It’s so weird that I won’t be returning to Liberty but it’s even weirder to know that Syd is there now. Before we left yesterday we got coffee from the Muse (best coffee is the Christmas in a cup with an extra shot of espresso and no cinnamon). And after we got coffee for the drive home we stopped by our friend Kelly’s house and got to see her, Mary Kate, John Luke, Mrs. M and lil guy T. This is when it hit me that I wasn’t moving in! I felt so sad leaving them but thankful we are not too far.

But anyways…little update on how move in went! The night before we packed the car so that the morning was easy to just get up and go.

Liberty students are amazing and the leadership is unmatched because all the prayer leaders come out and unload your car and bring everything to your room! So that you don’t have to lift ANYTHING! (One year I was the one moving people in and let me just say, you get very tired but it’s so exciting welcoming people that you forget how tired you are!)

Once we got to the room we saw that Syd and her roommate Caleigh were blessed with one of the largest rooms in their dorm building, which means these girls will be welcoming others into their room for some late night chats, and fun times! They’re perfect for that because both are people persons and love anyone they meet!

Sydney and Caleigh were easy going and it was the easiest move in out of all the Shuler girls! 😂 Caleigh is super athletic, the prettiest blonde and super upbeat. Her whole closet was blue and greys. Syd’s were greys, pinks, and patterns. It was cute to see how different they were but how they both added their personalities to the dorm!



Syd is so good at decorating and making a space feel homey. She moved me into my dorms and decorated/organized. This year, I knew that wasn’t my gifting so instead I documented it by taking photos of the day so she has memories. Because I knew if I cleaned/organized she would rearrange it all, HAHA!

She is studying interior design and she’s thinking about minoring in graphic design.

I’m confident that Sydney will love Liberty because the people she will meet there will change her life, just like she will change many others lives.

Syd’s view on life is awesome. She’s intuitive but goofy. She’s sometimes clueless and hilarious but then suddenly will shock you with facts and knowledge that will wow you. Her wisdom is far beyond her years and then some.

She loves people a lot and she doesn’t really care what people think about her in a good way. I love that about her. She’s confident in her skin and she’s a trend setter.

Well Syd, since I know you will probably read this while you’re in bed preparing for sleep, or you’ll read snippets of it throughout a day because you’re busy meeting people and beginning you’re life there, here are couple of things I have to say. If you’re a freshman in college, this is for you too!

  1. College is a time to find who you are. But most importantly a time that will stretch your independence in Jesus.
  2. College means you’re gonna meet a ton of new people, which means love people a lot.
  3. Don’t be afraid of confrontation but also work hard to always give grace and love.
  4. Get quiet time. This means seek out time to be alone with Jesus and make sure you have time in your day to meet God in prayer and worship Him outside of weekly bible studies or church events. It will be easy for you to forget this, but don’t.
  5. Write down all of your prayer requests. Update them when they have been answered. You will be amazed what you pray and how God will answer them.
  6. Eat breakfast and or pack a snack for class. No one likes to hear grumbling Tummy’s over their professors teachings! Haha
  7. Take a lot of notes and stay organized.
  8. Pursue friendships that will last a life time and really take time to encourage and love those around you.
  9. Take a ton of photos because these will be memories one day that you will treasure.
  10. Don’t be so worried about your future that you forget about today. 💛 God has it all under control and all you can do is trust Him, glorify Him, and obey Him.
  11. Do your laundry in small loads so that it’s not 3 massive loads. I never got good at this.
  12. Don’t talk behind your friends back. This will always be a lesson that we will have to remind ourselves as we all get older. This is important because it always gets back to them, and it always hurts. And when you hear what your friends have said about you “behind your back,” respond in grace and love. Sometimes things are blown out of proportion and aren’t true when you hear it second hand.
  13. Pray for your leaders and professors. Never forget that you too, are a leader. Also, always say “thank you,” after each class. They are there to teach you, so be sure to always have a thankful heart.
  14. You have the ability to set the tone wherever you go.
  15. 50 cent refills for iced coffee at Starbucks if you save your receipt.
  16. Sushi is always a good option.
  17. Go to the library and meet friends. Say hi to random people and make people feel known and loved.
  18. Don’t get into random peoples cars or hitch hike. Even if you think the campus is safe. Don’t jump into the back of a pick up truck just cause you’re late, or it’s cold. I did this many times as a freshman and Luke got me in trouble. Thankfully nothing ever happened, but just be wise! Haha, unlike me.
  19. Leave random notes of encouragement around for your friends. This will always mean a lot to anyone.
  20. Know that you’re not always right, and the moment you start seeing that your way isn’t always “the way” will be sign of maturing (I’m not worried about this one for you Syd, but know it would’ve been encouraging for me!)
  21. Take care of your roommate when they’re sick. Everyone gets a little homesick when they’re sick. So when they see that you’re making an effort to make them feel loved and cared for, it will mean a lot.
  22. You don’t have to carry your textbooks to class. I didn’t realize this so I was breaking my back like I was going to take them to school and put them in my locker 😂 All you need is your laptop, notebook paper and cute pens and maybe a folder in case they hand you loose papers which rarely happens in college? But who knows I studied Strategic Communications so they always Strategically Communicated things via email and blackboard.
  23. Make sure to use the gym cause it’s free and I kinda regret not going cause it’s such a nice gym…I went 3x.
  24. Write down all of the funniest stories that happen in college. For example, people used to repel off of the stair way. Someone used to go potty in the trash can in my hall bathroom. Someone hid weed in the air vent and made the entire commons smell like weed from floor 5 up…and we all thought a skunk died in the vents. I snuck a kitten into my dorm for a couple hours. Aubrie went into the communal bathroom and found the toilet was removed by a student. We used to mattress surf in the hallways. I had fight night on Wednesday nights. All memories worth remembering!
  25. Always call and take the time to text your family at home. Because we miss you more than you know.BONUS: YAY! Use your student discount with your student ID at different restaurants and stores (like madewell)!

I love you, Sydney. I’m proud of who you are and who you are becoming. And to anyone else who just moved into college, I’m so excited for you! Crying cause of the change is normal. It’s weird to start living independently, and it feels lonely at first at times. But soon it will become home and you will get homesick when you’re away from it. You will make the best memories in college and it will be some of the best day’s of your life! Hold onto it! Message me if you need prayer or encouragement.

Thank you for reading,

Tay Ruth

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