My Natural Skincare Routine

Two months ago I had no skincare routine. I never washed my face except for makeup wipes and in the bath/shower. I would sleep with my makeup on and I never really broke out except for hormonal break outs. But then I kept reading all of these articles that said that you really should start your skincare routine when you’re around 22 because by the time you turn 25 your skin starts to change. I also was reading a lot of articles about how brides should start a skincare routine about 2-4 months before the wedding just so that the skin has something consistent and you can have all of that taken care of.

I really wanted natural skincare that wasn’t going to make me have allergies or make me break out. I have naturally combination to dry skin. This means that some skincare would dry my skin out, like most face washes that were for people who had acne prone skin would make my skin so dry, and other lotions just didn’t really work. That’s when one of you reached out to me and suggested Coco Kind Skin care and that introduced me to the world of natural skin care products.  I bought the matcha stick, the turmeric spot treatment stick, the repair serum and the cleansing oil. I love all of their products and my face responds well to oil (NOT all skin does, so I would say be sure to figure out what skin type you have before you buy some of these products.) Then I was really wanting to find something that brightened my skin, and helped with dark circles while also moisturizing my face. One of you told me to find a good Vitamin C Serum. Mad Hippie sent me 3 products to try and review: Vitamin C Serum, Face Cream (good for all skin types and smells amazing), and their Eye Cream which is so moisturizing and smells amazing.

So this has been my skin care routine lately and my skin has never felt so moisturized or amazing!

1. I wash my skin with the Coco Kind Skincare Cleansing oil and add water as I rub it into my skin. (You can get this at Whole Foods.) Then I apply some chapstick on just so my lips are moisturized before I do the entire skincare routine so by the time I apply makeup they’re moisturized.

2. Next I apply the Coco Kind Skincare Repair Serum.

3. Then I add the Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum. This smells so good- kind of like honey. It applies really nice and makes your skin appear brighter and feel soft. I don’t know why but I always try to balance it on my knee. It’s entertaining and just apart of my skin care routine, so I had to do it for ya, hahaha!  I’m not kidding, I do it almost everyday, and every day it still entertains me.

4. After I rub all the serums in, I make sure to let that sit in my skin for a bit. Then I apply the Mad Hippie Face Cream which smells so good and it’s good for all skin types. It makes your skin feel so soft. A little goes a long way. Like actually, a very little goes a long way. I even may have gotten too much in the photo- haha!  (You can get this at Whole Foods)

5. Now I apply the Mad Hippie Eye Cream. I wish this stuff was a full body moisturizer because it applies like silk and smells so good. A very little goes a long way. This is probably one of my favorite products! (They sell this brand at Whole Foods)

6. And then to finish it all I spray my face with the Lilah B Aglow Face Mist. This stuff smells so good and gives your skin a natural glow. It also makes your face feel so soft!

For my night time routine, I usually do the Coco Kind Skincare products and then add the turmeric spot treatment if needed. I am actually SO thankful I started this skin care routine and I have noticed a real difference in my skin and I am shocked it took me this long to start a routine, HA! I think I was always scared that if I started a skincare routine my face would break out or change. But I have learned that it has only gotten better!

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