The Grass Withers


This blog will be short. But the words I say will be encouraging to someone and more words won’t be needed. In 1 Peter the scripture speaks about a LIVING…

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Time Capsule: Journal Prompts


A new year can have so much hope. A new year can feel scary too because we don’t always know what’s to come. But one hope that won’t change is…

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30 Questions to Spark Conversation


Luke and I used to play the question game to get to know each other. You know where you ask a question and then the other person answers the question…

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Next Step in Your Relationship


“Luke, when do you think we should get married?” I asked him right after I turned 19 as I am staring at him with expectation. The look Luke gave me…

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Christmas Tree Shopping


IT’S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS SEASON! Yesterday was a good day. We planned ahead to get our Christmas tree at my favorite plant store that my sister’s and closest friend, Ashley, go…

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5 Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block


I wasn’t sure what to write about so I chose to write about writer’s block! HA. I thought this was pretty funny but it actually supports one of my biggest…

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The Spark in Marriage


I’m sitting here reading a book that my grandma and grandpa sent Luke and me as an engagement gift. It’s called Ready to Wed and it’s so good so far.…

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Wedding Planning Tips


 165 DAYS! Since I often get asked, “How is wedding planning going?” I thought I would go ahead and update everyone! Wedding planning is not for the weak. It is…

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How to Start a Blog: Q & A


I started my blog April 11, 2018. I am not a professional, however, I have learned some tips and tricks that I would love to share with you. I asked…

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