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Summer ’19

Hi! It’s been awhile since I posted a blog. I wanted to update on what’s been going on lately. In the beginning of July, Luke and I went to Louisiana to visit our friends and it was like a mini reunion! We had so much fun seeing where our friends grew up and it was a little bit of culture shock in the best way.…

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Finding your Purpose

What is my purpose? I was sitting down with two girls on the stairs having a conversation. One girl asked me, “what are you passionate about, like what is your dream within what you studied at school?” I told her, “I’ve realized it actually isn’t necessarily what I studied. But I can use what I’ve learned too.” I went on to share about what my…

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Grande Cosmetics Review

If you have been following me since before my wedding you may remember my prep with trying to find good skincare, eyelash serum, and research of other products that would help me with my bridal glow. My mom has used Grande Cosmetic’s GrandeLash-MD Serum for a couple years and raved about it to me. She bought me a serum 2.5 months prior to my wedding…

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How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is probably one of the number one ways that I grow my blog. This surprises many since people naturally assume its instagram. But Pinterest is actually the tool that helps the most in a consistent way. Before I begin, I will say this…it takes work, patience, and dedication. Since I got married and traveled for so much I went from 1.5 M monthly viewers…

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Honeymoon Outfit Ideas

So I did some online shopping of some good deals/ cute outfits that I liked and linked them here for ya. Some of these I personally own myself and love them! The photos are from the websites of where the item is sold so I did not take these (unless it’s a photo of myself in the item haha).  Comfy shorts from aerie: On sale for…

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What to Pack on a Sunny Honeymoon

If you are getting married soon, congratulations! When it comes to packing for your honeymoon, I know how challenging that can be so I wanted to make a blog to help you out. I list helpful tips below but please know that you can pack whatever  you want and should not be limited to or feel you need to pack this much! This is just…

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Tay’s Curly Hair Tips for Girls and Guys

Okay so I’m not quite sure why I’ve never written this blog before! But after many DMs filled with questions of what products I use, I figured it’s about time to make a post about it. I have grown up with curly hair my whole life. There are many rules and tips that curly hair has, but I break some of those/ live strongly by…

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Kim Johnson & Curtis Johnson are incredible. There are so many more photos that I will share. But WOW thank you so much Kim & Curtis. Luke has known Kim since elementary school. Kim also took my high school senior photos (we all went to the same high school). Thank you so much for taking the most amazing photos of our day. We love you.…

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Our Wedding Details Explained! (Part 1)

TODAY MARKS SEVEN YEARS OF DATING LUKE! It’s pretty fun to be able to share our wedding photos with you on this special day. There are almost 2000 photos so I will share only a few within this blog, but you already know that I will continue to post on my instagram throughout life. We got married at Mortgage Hall Estate, which is an AIRBNB…

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