San Diego


Hi! I haven’t posted a blog in over a month now. I have been a bit busy to say the least. Between getting married, traveling for my honeymoon, my cousin’s…

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What’s After Graduation?


WOW! I can’t believe it’s almost one year since I graduated from college…and it’s even weirder that it’s been almost one year since I got engaged. Time FLIES! But truly-…

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Tay’s Q & A


Hi! On instagram I asked you all to send in some questions for my next Q & A blog and this round of questions was loaded with great ones. I…

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Wedding Planning Update


Here is a little wedding planning update for all of those who have been following along and are interested in planning. My mother in law and her besties threw me…

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My Natural Skincare Routine


Two months ago I had no skincare routine. I never washed my face except for makeup wipes and in the bath/shower. I would sleep with my makeup on and I…

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Lilah Beauty Review

Natural Beauty products are hard to find. I am so excited about this brand and their mission behind it, as well as their products that actually work. As some of…

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“Creating My Own Truth”


As a young adult, you know that there is so much life to live and wisdom that will continue to grow within, but sometimes there’s also this entitlement that comes…

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Come as You are


Hi! So it’s been a little while since I posted a blog. I took a bit of a break just to recharge and gain inspiration and also refocus. My blog…

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His Grace Goes Deeper


His grace goes deeper. This phrase just kept popping up in my head the past couple of days. And it has several layers of meaning. His graces goes deeper than…

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