Finding Rest in Christ

 I was reflecting recently as I was talking to someone I love who was saying she was going through a difficult time after she poured her heart out and ministered to people. I knew the feeling all too well. There are times where I feel a certain sense of direction on what to write about and share with others, where if I didn’t share, it…

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Singleness Q & A Pt. 2

Hi guys! It’s time for the Singleness Q&A Part 2! You all sent in so many kind and encouraging messages after Part 1. I hope you’re excited to read this next one. I feel like many of these questions could be an entire blog on their own, but I did my best to answer them within this one post. So let’s get to it! Q1:…

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Singleness Q & A Part 1

Hi guys! I’m Aubrie Shuler, Tay’s older sister. She asked me if I wouldn’t mind writing a blog that answers all of your questions about “singleness.” She met Luke at the age of 13 and started dating as soon as they both turned 16 years old. So, she doesn’t really have a ton of experience being single past the age of 15. Which is an…

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Arguing + Communicating

Relationships on social media often look so romantic and cute. I posted the kissing photo with this blog because, well I thought it was funny + fitting. Luke and I have grown up together which means we are really comfortable around one another. That can be such a positive thing when it comes to communication because we really understand one another, but it also can…

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Long Term Dating Q &A

7 years of dating prior to getting married felt like an eternity while we waited. Now that we are married we see the fruit of those 7 years, and shockingly the waiting feels short after it’s over (haha easy to say after the fact, but during I was like OKAY this is forever)! I wish I could go back to past Tay and say, “enjoy…

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Relationship with God is Stagnant

The other day I asked for people to send in topics that they would want me to write about. It was interesting because I thought that majority would be about something different, but over and over it seemed to be about this subject. Maybe it’s because God knew that it was a moment like this in my life where I needed to sit down, think,…

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Instagram & Blogging Tips

Hi! Happy Labor Day! So, I wanted to share a couple tips in regards to Blogging & Instagram. I studied Strategic Communications which is a lot of marketing & social media. Now I know that this is sort of strange to some, and trust me, it’s strange to me at times as well…Instagram has become where a lot of people go to be inspired and…

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Tay’s Try on Haul Links

Hi! If you follow me on instagram, you probably just saw my story with all the clothes I got this weekend for Labor Day Sales. I was in need of some new jeans because I didn’t have any that fit me. I got a lot of things for great deals. Some of them I couldn’t find the link but I share the brand. Click on…

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How to Give a Good Gift

One of my main love languages is gifts…and also handwritten letters. When Luke and I were dating in college we both took our love language test and I get an even number in Touch, Quality Time & Gifts. He got the opposite of me with his top being Words of Affirmation and Serving. So that encouraged and challenged us to be creative in how we…

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