Ways to Conquer the Need to Rush


Lately my heart has been reminded to slow down and be thankful. I’ve also been thinking a lot about “living in the moment.” I’m not very good at that. I…

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How to Make the Perfect Gift Basket


GUYS! So excited. It is officially starting to feel like autumn. I said “autumn” just to sound fancy, I normally call it fall. It has been around 65 degrees and…

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NoBody Like You


Many of you are coming to me asking me to lift you up in prayer, that God would give you more confidence, that you would love yourself more. Many prayer…

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i am growing


I am growing. And I guess sometimes I’m hard on myself when I don’t see the results of where I want to be, but I have to realize that some…

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Life Update: Bye, Syd!


My little sister, Sydney just got all moved into college and oh my goodness where has the time gone? Little Squid can’t be old enough to be in college, and…

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Leave the Past in the Past


I looked back through some old journal entries and I found this one that encouraged me all over again today. I wrote this a year or two ago. When I…

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55 Journal Prompts


Luke gave me a journal for my 17th birthday and wrote 17 pages (front and back, so actually 34 pages) of encouraging words, verses, quotes and love letters. I have…

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Thankful in the Wilderness: Verses


Hi! If you have not yet read my blog about the spiritually “dry” season many of us are going through or have been through, read Joy in the Drought. I…

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Joy in the Drought


So this week I did not have a blog pre-written that I felt was meant to go out just yet. I prayed a week ago for God to give me…

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