Deceived, No More.


What does it mean to be faithful? What does it mean to be obedient? What does it mean to be consistent? These are questions I have been asking lately. Pretty…

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DIY | Cinnamon Wreath


Something you may not know about me…I LOVE DIY’s. A lot. I have always been crafty, and for some reason doing crafts makes me feel alive, HA! I thought it…

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The Untold Mysteries of Engagement


Engagement is mysterious, sought after, dreamt of, longed for, and desired by many. I wanted to share a couple of things that surprised me the most about engagement. I am…

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Relationship Q & A: Marriage


Hi! Thank you to everyone who sent in questions about marriage for my mom, Lisa, to answer. Lisa has been married to Bill for 30 years. They dated for a…

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Blogging Tips and Tricks


Are you wanting to start a blog? But you’re a little lost on how to start? I have decided to write out a few things that I have learned so…

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Relationship Q & A: Long Distance/ Long Term


Are you in a long distance relationship or a long-term relationship? This blog is for you or for you to share with a friend that you think would be encouraged…

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Relationship Q&A: MEN ONLY


Title is a bit of a click bate, but I can’t lie, it probably worked…every girl probably clicked on that link so fast. Guys were probably intrigued and want to…

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Relationship Q&A: Part One


Hi!  I am so excited to begin this Q&A series on relationships. This goes beyond just dating. This series will range from singleness to marriage, and everywhere in between. Disclaimer:…

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Ways to Conquer the Need to Rush


Lately my heart has been reminded to slow down and be thankful. I’ve also been thinking a lot about “living in the moment.” I’m not very good at that. I…

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