Good Friends VS. Bad Friends


Friendships are such a blessing and wow is it important to have good friends in our lives. I remember going to a camp in high school and a guy did…

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Questions to Ask your Valentine


1. What is one of your favorite memories of us? 2. What is something you treasure about our friendship/relationship? 3. What is something that makes you genuinely happy? 4. What…

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The LORD is my Refuge


Hi! The sun came out today and it was quite warm. It makes me excited and hopeful for Spring time. The birds were chirping and my dog Teddy was on…

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Get the Bridal Glow pt. 1


If you are following me on instagram you know that I am on “operation drink more water, wear less makeup, and use less heat on hair.” Many of you are…

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Wedding Season Q & A


Hi! I have been sorta testing out what it’s like to post a blog on any random day within the week. So if you have noticed that I haven’t been…

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How Far is Too Far?


So this topic is something that I frequently get asked about, and to be honest it is pretty nerve wracking to write about. Why? Because it’s a sensitive/ hot topic…

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My Favorite Makeup Right Now


Hi! So if you are my friend you know that within the last couple years I have really gotten into hair and makeup. I love experimenting with different products and…

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The Grass Withers


This blog will be short. But the words I say will be encouraging to someone and more words won’t be needed. In 1 Peter the scripture speaks about a LIVING…

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Time Capsule: Journal Prompts


A new year can have so much hope. A new year can feel scary too because we don’t always know what’s to come. But one hope that won’t change is…

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