Summer ’19

Hi! It’s been awhile since I posted a blog. I wanted to update on what’s been going on lately.

In the beginning of July, Luke and I went to Louisiana to visit our friends and it was like a mini reunion! We had so much fun seeing where our friends grew up and it was a little bit of culture shock in the best way. I learned that deer shed their antlers and to be honest I had no idea that was a thing. Louisiana is very hot. The people there are on another level of nice. Honestly everyone we met in the South while we drove were so kind that Luke and I were like, man, these people were raised right! They just smile at you for no reason! HAHA in DC if you smile at a stranger, you’re either mistaken and thought you knew them, or you’re being sarcastic, or maybe even creepy. Sad but true. (Not all of us but a lot of DC folks are like that until you get to know them). Anyways that was a much needed break and so fun to be with our Liberty Family.

Then late July we designed a kitchenette and went to Ikea and bought it and brought it home. We are currently in process of doing a mini renovation and we are so excited about it. You can follow along on the process on instagram in my story highlight called, “home.” So far it’s been relatively simple. But it’s been a lot of calling plumbers, electricians, talking permits, water stack, and phrases I’m not all that familiar with. Our mini kitchen will be all white cabinets, organic white quartz,  dark faucet, farm sink, and dark hardware. I think it will be cute. We are wanting to make floating shelves with natural wood. I will probably do a whole blog of the before and after once it’s all finished.

Early August- I just went on a retreat for work in West Virginia and it was such an amazing time. I am an Administrative Assistant and Women’s Ministry Admin Assistant. If you are interested in following along with that ministry it’s called, Above All Else. I am so excited for what is to come in regards to that ministry and all the people it will encourage and serve. I prepared the itinerary and notes for our meeting. Going into the retreat, our goal was to bond and cast a vision and prepare to implement.  And it was such a great and accomplished time. While I was there a girl approached me who worked as a waitress. She said she had a weird question for me and I was preparing to tell her my skirt was from Amazon. But she asked me if I was Tay Ruth. WHAT!? So cool. She follows my blog here and recognized me. That was really sweet and encouraging hearing her say that my blog has been such an encouragement to her. But I was kinda shy and my voice got so high. HAHA I don’t know if she noticed that I was shy but I was.

Amidst the busyness and chaos, I have been enjoying learning how to draw on my iPad. I still have a lot to learn but I have been having so much fun with it. I have been using procreate on my IPAD with my Apple Pencil. Luke got it for me for my blog and it’s been so cool to use and also post on Pinterest. I am definitely needing to learn how to shade and blend. I cannot draw faces or hands, or legs, LOL but still fun and my first couple of tries so I know I’ll grow in it.

Oh and side note- I got a new Bible and LOVE it. Check out Hosanna Revival because the Bible they sent me is gorgeous. There is so much space for journaling on the side which I love. (And they shared a code for me to give ya if you’re interested in one, “TRW15”)

Thanks for reading,

Tay Ruth

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