Tay’s Curly Hair Tips for Girls and Guys

Okay so I’m not quite sure why I’ve never written this blog before! But after many DMs filled with questions of what products I use, I figured it’s about time to make a post about it. I have grown up with curly hair my whole life. There are many rules and tips that curly hair has, but I break some of those/ live strongly by some if I find they’ve worked for me.

Common questions:

1. Is your hair natural or a perm? IT IS NATURAL.

2. Did you have curly hair when you were little? YES.

3. Do you wear it more natural or straighten it? Honestly it can be easier to wear it straight because it “lasts” longer, where as curls can actually be wild and after 2 sleeps it’s pretty much needing to be washed or at least calmed. And blow dried is more predictable if I am going to be seeing people.

4. How do you refresh your curls? buy aloe juice & mix with water in a spray bottle.

5. Do you brush your hair? YES, but only when it’s wet. And only with this eco friendly wet brush, which is AMAZING. No I never brush on hair day 2 or EVER when it’s dry. Unless it’s blow dried straight. Brushing curly hair messes up the curl pattern. So it’s not suggested unless it’s in shower/ straight from shower.

6. How do you cut your hair? Well I have been seeing the same person since I was younger! She’s amazing. She said she cuts my hair with longer layers, but honestly I always forget. I just sit, trust her, and talk while she’s doing it. Haha!

7. How often do you cut your hair? Probably 2x a year? Every 6 months I guess?

8. How often do you straighten it? Well usually if it’s curled I just blow dried it and possibly straightened the roots. But if I have blow dried hair the entire week, I most likely washed and styled it on Saturday and then again around Wednesday or Thursday. But whenever I blow dry my hair and or use heat tools, ALWAYS use a heat protectant, like this one… Kenra Platinum Blow- Dry Spray

9. How do you wear a pony tail with curly hair? I don’t. Mainly messy buns. But I guess if I do, it’s a low pony.

10. Hair styles? I’m queen of half up half down! I usually use a scrunchie. It can be SO cute! Also, the messy bun, or adding a cute head band or hair scarf. Honestly with curly hair, people usually love it down and huge. Even though those with curly hair would prefer anything but that. HA

11. How do you maintain volume? I guess the question should be, how do I calm the volume…it’s naturally very voluminous. But when I blow dry it I usually use dry shampoo or texturizing spray to add some volume. I like “white grapefruit and mosa” herbal essence and also “sweetie” batiste. If you struggle with getting your roots to curl, don’t condition as much near the roots. Just the ends.

12. How do you get your hair to be so shiny without it being greasy/oily? Well I don’t wash my hair often and my natural oils aren’t being constantly stripped like it would if I washed it often. And I add serums/oils (below I will link them for you). I make a concoction with vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, and lavender to add every once in awhile too.

13. How do you get the spirals? That’s my natural curl type.

14. Why do I have frizz? Frizz is usually from a lack of moisture. So I would look into getting products that are moisturizing and lock in the moisture rather than stripping your hair of it’s natural oils. I will link several great products below.

15. What kind of products do you use, affordable & the more quality/pricier ones too? I am going to link several amazing products. Before you panic and feel overwhelmed. Know that I do NOT use all of these products every single day. However these are the products that I own, use or would definitely buy again. I am giving a wide variety for different hair types, lengths, thickness, and price ranges.

Okay let’s break it down:

Leave in Conditioners- a great way to lock in moisture.

1. Not Your Mother’s Royal Honey & Kalahari Desert Melon Repair + Protect Leave in Conditioner: price $6.79. Spray in. Smells Amazing. Works well with curls.

2. This is not necessarily for curly hair, but I love it. It’s for frizz control. Smells amazing and is very moisturizing.

Here are the hair mists, sprays, mousse and gels that I use and have liked.

Go to Beach texturizing Spray:  price $4. 79. I throw this in my beach bag and use through out the day.

Not Your Mother’s Mousse:  price $7.99. This Mousse is so creamy. I don’t know how it is so soft feeling. NOT crunchy.

Herbal Essence Mousse:  price $2.99. So cheap and smells so good. I feel like this is a pretty good mousse especially for price.

These are the finishing sprays that I have used:
and I would suggest that you spray a finishing hair spray while it’s still semi wet because I feel like this helps hold it in place before it starts to form the “baby hair halo” or like that frizzy outline some get with curly hair.

Bamboo Hair Spray Anti Humidity- price $18. I used this on my wedding day and I use this whenever I am going somewhere and don’t want my hair losing it’s hold or curl. (“NO FRIZZING ON ME HAIR!” if you’ve thought this or felt this…get this hair spray)

Herbal Essence Hair Spray: price $8.64. I use this hair spray the most. It’s great. Smells good and I feel like it works. Spray on your hair when partially wet to finish the look.

Here are hair serums that I love!
You will want to invest in a good one because you can use this for when your hair is curly or blow dried! It helps tame frizz.

The Good Stuff Frizz-Control Oil: price $7.99. This smells great. Use when your hair is wet or dry. This is also considered a leave in conditioner.

Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss: price $22. Expensive for a reason. Liquid gold. Smells heavenly and works amazing. Used on wedding day. Great for frizz control. Seriously.

Surface Bassu Hair Serum: price $29.84. Also amazing. Light weight. I prefer Kenra over this but it’s still a great one for those who want light weight oils. little bottle lasts a very long time.

Other tools or items I use for my hair:

Microfiber Hair Towel: price $10. Helps prevent breakage. Cotton towels can cause split ends and frizz.

Diffuser Bowl:  price $14.06. I try to get a “deeper bowl” and  when you diffuse your hair, before you move to a new pile of hair TURN OFF and then cup hair and then TURN BACK ON. This helps prevent frizz.

Silk Pillow Case: price $22.99. Helps prevent breakage, acne, and split ends.

Another trick that I have personally done when my curls just aren’t curling the same is doing aloe juice masks & then also using a mixture of aloe and water in a spray bottle for the curly hair product to reset your hair.

All of these products are ones I have TRIED, USED OFTEN, and LOVED. I hope this blog was helpful! I know it’s overwhelming but you can’t go wrong with any of these products!

Thanks for reading,
Tay Ruth

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