Wedding Planning Tips

 165 DAYS!

Since I often get asked, “How is wedding planning going?” I thought I would go ahead and update everyone!

Wedding planning is not for the weak. It is hard. I have to remind myself constantly that everything will be great and to take a deep breath.

The good news list:

  1. We have a date.
  2. We have a venue.
  3. I have asked all of my bridesmaids
  4. I have my dress.
  5. We have our photographer!

The “we are almost there, but not quite” list:

  1. Luke still has a few more guys to ask to be his groomsmen
  2. We are talking to several caterers
  3. We are talking to our friend who is a florist
  4. We are talking to videographers to ask their prices and packages
  5. We have booked our honeymoon but still have to buy flights
  6. We have to book our wedding night still
  7. We are still working on our registry, so far we are registered at Target, Amazon, and have a Newly Wed Fund.

The Upcoming list:

  1. We are taking our engagement photos this SUNDAY!
  2. We are then going to order save the dates & then the invitations
  3. We have to buy the décor for ceremony and reception
  4. Bridal Showers


Luke is planning on going back to school. He is looking at an accelerated nursing program. Which means that I will be the one working/ making money for the first year or so of our marriage. I am not at all worried about this, and feel pretty relaxed. He has been working these past couple of months and saving. My parents have kindly opened up the lower level of their home for us to be able to move into while Luke is going back to school. This will be a year or so of temporary living, but also will be so helpful during the first year that we are trying to get up on our feet.

The lower level is a walk out basement with a fireplace, big bedroom, living room, and we are looking to install a wet bar/ kitchenette. We both are excited about this because it gives us the opportunity to still be close to our family while Luke will be working hard to become a nurse, in hopes to one day be a nurse anesthetist (this could change as plans sometimes do).

* Quick little message…everyone’s life is different. I love how God gives us each individual stories. Moving back home is reminding us that life is not meant to be “cookie cutter” and there will be things that were not planned or expected, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. I am excited about this season, and so proud of Luke for pursuing more education. I am also so thankful for my parents for their generosity in letting us rent the lower level. Just wanted to say this for anyone who may be in a season of transition, EMBRACE IT, learn from it, and be thankful! So much goodness can come from seasons like these.

Okay back to the to do list…

So what we have to do for the lower level:

  1. Clean out lower level
  2. Sell some furniture
  3. Look for Exterior Doors
  4. Look at Kitchenettes/ Wet Bar
  5. Find a Bed
  6. Look for furniture
  7. Start packing up our rooms soon and move some things

My tips for anyone planning a wedding:

Places to look for bridesmaid dresses:

  1. Azazie.com
  2. Lulus.com
  3. Showmeyourmumu.com
  4. Birdygrey.com
  5. Morninglavender.com (these run petite)
  6. Asos.com

I would love to help other brides/ have other brides comment their tips! All tips/tricks welcomed. If you just entered this season, congratulations! I am so excited for you. If you just got married, GOOD JOB! You have survived, HAHA! I hope this blog was encouraging for you or just interesting, ha!

Thanks for reading,
Tay Ruth

P.S. I would love for you to join the Romans 4 Day Plan or 8 Day Plan! If you are interested head on over to  my instagram and look at my story highlights.
*All photos in this blog are taken by Mary Kate Robertson

8 responses to “Wedding Planning Tips”

  1. Tay,
    I’m new to your blog but I’m loving it so far…it’s so encouraging! My Fiancé and I are also going to rent out my parents studio apartment in their basement. I am so encouraged and lifted to hear a similar story. Thanks for sharing 💗

    In Christ,

    • tayruth says:

      Wow, thank you for reading this and commenting! So fun to hear about others who are in the same season. 💛

  2. Leslie Hearn says:

    Tay, the engagement planning is so exciting! I got married in May and the feelings are still so real. I just wanted to comment and say that I ordered my bridesmaid dresses from Azazie and LOVED them. They even let you try samples of different colors and dresses.
    🙂 thanks for sharing your heart! If you need any tips, feel free to ask!

    • tayruth says:

      Yes!! I got 2 dresses for my friends weddings from Azazie! It’s a great option. 😊 thank you for reading and responding! Would love to hear any tips you have on what you wish you would’ve focused more /less on in terms of wedding planning? 💛

  3. Annie Knorr says:

    Congratulations on all the progress you’ve made with planning! And hooray for Luke! That’s so exciting 🙂
    As someone who just got married in August, I planned my whole wedding while being long distance from my family due to various internships I was doing around the country. It made me kind of sad that I didn’t have the chance to just sit around with my bridesmaids and look at dresses or go look at craft stores or even have a bachelorette party. But it made me appreciate those few days when I did fly home all the more special. My biggest advice is just to appreciate all of the support you get from people even though everyone’s thoughts and opinions can get extremely overwhelming. Only ask a couple close friends/family their opinion if you need help deciding on a color for something, a decoration style, etc. Ask those whose opinion you value most. If you ask more than a few, there will be conflicting opinions and it will stress you out even more. Besides if you’re asking multiple people because you’re looking for affirmation for a specific thing, then you already know what you want and you should go for it.
    As for the wedding day itself, EAT something!! I ate breakfast at 8 am but nothing from then until our reception around 4:30 and let me tell you hanger is a real thing. Fortunately not many things strayed from the plan on my wedding day but I definitely over analyzed a lot of things because I was hungry and emotional. Food does wonders for your brain and your heart.
    I firmly believe that wedding planning is a test for marriage. If you two can survive wedding planning together you can do anything 😊

    • tayruth says:

      Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write out your tips. I hear so many brides say they wish they ate. So important but I feel like the nerves cause you to stay far from food? Yes to the asking only a few valued people’s opinions! It can get so overwhelming. I tend to also really listen to everyone’s opinions and then sometimes i do not go with what I’m thinking, but trying to do what’s easiest/what others think would work. But there can be a balance, and I need to work on that. Thanks so much for your words as always, Annie! Also congratulations, again! 💛

  4. Sophie says:

    Hey Tay, absolutely love your blog and loved reading this post! I just got married in June so the stress of wedding prep is all very relatable lol my biggest word of advice for every bride to be is to enjoy every single minute of the preparations. Once you’re out the other side as a married women looking back you’ll realise how exciting and special this time is so try to remind yourself of that and don’t get too overwhelmed with things, everything always works out in the end 🙂

    • tayruth says:

      Wow, love it! Thank you Sophie. You’re so sweet. I’m so thankful that you read this and that you responded. So truly soak it all in and enjoy it! 😍👏🏽

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