Wedding Planning Update

Here is a little wedding planning update for all of those who have been following along and are interested in planning. My mother in law and her besties threw me a bridal brunch and it was SO fun and so beautiful. Aunt Margaret (close family friend) packed her suitcases full of plants from her garden in Florida and also shipped some to VA. The whole brunch was beautiful and so special. I felt so loved and so known.

I went to my second dress fitting and I was nervous leading up to it that for some reason it wouldn’t fit. But it was perfect and I was SO excited. My last fitting will be a couple days before the wedding.

We are officially in the wedding month and I am overwhelmed but my excitement is rising. I NEVER expected this engagement to fly by this fast or for all of this to flash by like a literal blink of any eye. In a lot of ways we are not fully prepared. We haven’t completely finished the space we are going to be living in and we also still have to pack up and move all our stuff. But we also realize that we are blessed because we are not moving away or going to another state so we really can take our time.

I prayed so hard that God would just completely guide this wedding and that this wedding would glorify Him. I am so confident that He has been answering my prayers, all the way down to the little details with everything. Now is when we are starting to have our final details talks with everyone and we are going out to the venue this week to just sort of scout it out again (this will be my 3rd time there and then the 4th will be the day before our wedding!!!!) This meeting will also be with the caterer and finalizing food ideas. I am excited because this has been a very hands-on experience and I really had a vision for everything that Luke and I wanted and we are so thankful because we’ve seen it all come to fruition, (big SHOUT out to all our family who has been a huge blessing). We will also be choosing the spot that the ceremony will be on the land, which is so unreal feeling.

We will be doing a cake testing to finalize those details soon and I can’t lie, I am very excited for that.

Luke said to me in the car two days ago, “how does it feel to know we are getting married in 27 days?”
I sorta didn’t think about it and I said, “Kinda normal.”
And he said, “Taylor…think about it. That is actually so crazy. We have been together for so long, like actually think about that. Also we will be on vacation in 4 weeks.”
And then I got so excited and I was like “OH MY GOODNESS, WOAH. WE ARE GETTING MARRIED.”

I realized I hadn’t just sat with him and just talked about it without the logistics or the planning. It was really exciting and it helped me a lot to just see it in a new way.

Our florist is amazing and just above and beyond talented. I have talked with her and just trust that she hears and understands my vision but also- has a better vision in her own mind than even what I can picture…which is really cool. I just know that she knows what she’s doing. I love that I feel so confident that no matter what she does it will be so beautiful.

Our dj is also the same way. Luke and I made a little playlist and sent it his way, and we just know we can trust him because he’s very talented.

We are talking with my dad soon and he is the one doing our ceremony so we will be sitting down and sort of working those details out. We are trying to figure out the logistics but also the fun stuff like sharing our love story, communion, or ceremonial traditions. I am looking forward to it.

I asked our good family friend, and worship pastor at our church Jeff to play an instrument when I walk down the aisle, and sent him the song. I have this vision of my mind of it being super simple, but so happy.  Jeff has been able to capture that and so that’s been so great.

My mom and I are going shopping soon for outfits my honeymoon and also she is taking me to the spa. I am so thankful and so excited. I feel like that will be the perfect timing because it will be right after the big venue meeting. So much happiness that day!

And then I am going to my bridesmaids wedding shower! One of my bridesmaids is getting married ONE WEEK after me. I was supposed to be in her wedding but then we realized I would be on my honeymoon. It’s honestly very sad but we are treasuring this season together. And I am excited to give her the gift I got her this weekend.

Also- I just wanted to say…thank you SO much to everyone who has been praying for us and for our wedding. It’s such a blessing and we feel it. Thank you.

Thanks for reading,
Tay Ruth

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  1. Kathryn Mader says:

    Everything sounds absolutely wonderful. It will be so fun to see pictures of your wedding. God bless you, dear Taylor, and Luke!

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