What to Pack on a Sunny Honeymoon

If you are getting married soon, congratulations! When it comes to packing for your honeymoon, I know how challenging that can be so I wanted to make a blog to help you out. I list helpful tips below but please know that you can pack whatever  you want and should not be limited to or feel you need to pack this much! This is just some inspiration/ guidance if you need it.

My honeymoon was one week in a warm location. My biggest tip: start packing way in advance! I’m talking weeks. I started around 1-2 months out. Why? Because trust me, when you’re one week away from your wedding, you aren’t exactly thinking about packing.

I started buying cute outfits for my honeymoon and just automatically putting them into my suitcase, maybe I will make another blog soon with cute outfit ideas and links if you would be interested in that?

Another tip…put both you and your husband’s passports inside of your suitcase now! Why? Because you want to make sure you both have it for sure. Put it in the outside pocket and make a reminder on your phone that both of your passports are in the outside pocket. So many horror stories of passports forgotten and missing flights etc.

So now that you have your passports packed, let’s start with a list of toiletries that you will want:

1. Shampoo + Conditioner (I went and bought both that were in smaller bottles, knowing Luke would probably use it too..so it was enough for both of us).
2. Body Wash (if you are staying in a hotel they may have some but I got a mini travel dr. bronner’s soap bottle from target).

3. Razor (make sure you put this in a separate baggy or something that protects the blades, once I just threw it in my bag and when I was digging around my finger tips weren’t very happy that I didn’t put it in a separate bag)

4. Bring a mini makeup bag. I simplified my makeup bag just because I knew I would be getting a tan. But I still wanted enough to look dressed up for dinner. I packed my FAB tinted moisturizer with SPF, one eye palette, and mascara in case we went to a nice dinner. I bought a fun lipgloss for my honeymoon and wore it everyday. I used the tinted moisturizer every day.

5. Deodorant- I mean no explanation needed.

6. I brought 1 hair product (NYM’s beach waves) knowing that I would be mainly by the beach. I also packed my straightener and curling iron but never used it. DON’T forget hair things! I forgot hair things and so I had to go out and buy some because I realized I would be at the pool with no hair thing and with curly hair like mine, that can be overwhelming.

7. Toothpaste, floss, and toothbrush! Better to pack all of this rather than assuming your significant other will.

8. I always pack baby wipes & makeup wipes. 

9. Feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads, liners) just in case, even if you aren’t sure of your schedule.

10. Medication: bring any medicines you take, anti gas, anti nausea, and advil. Just for emergency situations for both you and your significant other. Contraceptives (condoms or birth control if you are using any & other necessary things you may need (wash cloths, lube…lol no awkwardness here). Also before you go look for some urinary tract infection prevention medicine (I got Cystex Urinary Health Maintenance…didn’t get an infection but have friends that did so wanted to take precautions and my aunt who is a nurse suggested this).

11. Body Spray! Bring a body spray because it is cheaper than perfume and is less likely to spill.


1.  8-10 pairs of underwear (one week vacation). If you possibly will be getting your period, make sure to pack more than that just to be safe. I pack around 4 bras. 2 being real bras and 2 being bralettes (so comfy ones and regular)

2. Fun pj’s! Bring the gifts your girlfriends bought you (lingerie), some cute matching pj’s. ALSO pack your favorite big T and sweats. You will definitely want to be comfy. So make sure to pack sweatshirt and sweat pants.
3. Bathing suits! If you are going somewhere tropical you will definitely be in your swim suits a lot! I packed every swimsuit I own (a lot) and wore around 3-4 lol. But I always want options. Bring the ones you are comfortable wearing/ feel confident in. & Pack a cute cover up! Something you can throw on and grab lunch in (so not like sports shorts and your dad’s old shirt…)

4. I packed 3 cute floral tank tops, 3 neutral tshirts, and 2 cute blouses and a long sleeve sweater that I could wear during evenings.

5. 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of fun pants (I brought my striped madewell pants), 1 pair of jean shorts, 2 pairs of sweat shorts, 1 pair of sweatpants

6. DRESSES! I packed 2 cute dresses and 1 cute skirt. I am so thankful I packed these because I wore them for the 3 nice dinners that we went to during the week.

7. Shoes! Pack at least one pair of sandals for the beach/pool (I brought 1 comfy and 1 cute for lunch time), 1 pair of evening shoes, and DON’T forget to pack sneakers/traveling shoes! I forgot to pack them and so I was traveling with sandals on all day and I didn’t love that.

8. SOCKS- you may get cold in the hotel room and having a comfy pair of socks is always nice.

Extra things to pack:

SNACKS: In my backpack I bring fruit strips, lara bars, tea bags, and chips. In my suitcase I packed a box of GF pasta, GF bread, and Corn Tortillas because of my GF diet, and I packed some good coffee grounds. I also packed garlic powder, salt, and pepper for cooking in the kitchen in our hotel room.

BOOKS (also a good book for honeymoon is Intended for Pleasure, helpful tips)


CAMERA to capture memories!

SUNSCREEN- We went through 2 spray sunscreens and I also packed a sunscreen for face & chapstick with sunscreen.

Empty Beach Bag to fill with snacks, book, sunscreen, phone, sunglasses

Clutch/ Purse for going out around town


Hat (I didn’t bring one but I know its necessary for some like my husband)

CASH: We both brought cash in our wallets in case either of us needed it for an emergency.

TIP: Pack one extra outfit/ pair of underwear in your husband’s bag, and one swimsuit. And put one of his outfits/ pair of underwear in your bag and one swim suit, just in case one of your bags doesn’t show up for a bit. That way you can still swim before your bag’s show up!

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